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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by almerkerkey, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. Been out for just over 2 1/2 years, looking at going to Uni in Sept to start a full time degree course (four years, including full time access for the first year). Would like to use my ELC entitlement (lower threshold). I've got all the info I can from their website, not much help from a phone call however. Spoke to the Uni funding dept, but the woman I spoke to had no experience of dealing with ELC.
    It looks a reasonably straightforward process but wondered if anyone has any experiences/advice to offer? Any general/funding info also welcome either here or by PM.

    P.S. I did post a similar request in the Mature Student thread, but it got lost in a mire of Chubb bashing.
  2. Which Uni are you thinking of attending? Not all universities are registered providers. If yours is it will have a four digit registration number issued by ELCAS. If you are unsure try having look on you Uni's website or try this link:

  3. Yep, it is approved, already checked.
  4. I used ELC for 2 years at uni, the process was very simple and they were paid promptly, you say that you'll be using teh lower threshold, have you loked at waiting the extra year to claim teh higher rate?
  5. Unless I missed something in the paperwork, I'm sure I can only get the lower threshold due to leaving the army, just over four years after the April 2000 start date of ELC.
  6. 'Fraid so.
  7. Oops, sorry for the mistake. I missed the bit about being out! Apologies for the pretty damn terrible typing too!
  8. Are the eight years service needed for the Higher rate counted if they were schoolboy service or do they have to be 18-yo +?

    Does your 12 month notice period count towards it as well.

    Many thanks in advance,

  9. It is 8 years of reckonable service from the year 2000, so the earliest you can receive higher tier rates is 2008.

    What is "schoolboy service" ? I have never heard of it. There is junior soldier/leader/apprentice service (I take it that is what you mean), it will be reckonable for the calculation purpose if you transferred to the new pension scheme, but 2008 is the earliest it can be claimed assuming that the reckonable service date starts on 1 Jan 2000.
  10. Can anyone advise me of or send me the procedure for applying for ELCs this year? I am starting the next module of some OU study.
  11. Have also had a right drama with the ELC lot, been looking at my off shore survival course, The resettlement lot do cover this subject however the elc folk dont.

    After a lengthy phone call with them the woman on the end of the phone, she just said to me i have no time now to look at our web site to help you, call back later, I did then point out that i was calling from Iraq all she said was get yourself to an internet station and look at our web site!!

    Its not as if i can pop down the town and log on.

    Any iformation would be great.
    Thanks all
  12. If you are out and eligible to claim ELC at the lower rate , you can claim 80% of the cost of your first 3 years each year to a max of £1000.

    The claim form can be downloaded from the web and the completed form has to be sent to DETS(A) at Trenchard Lines Upavon, SN9 6 BE in time for it then to be authorised and sent to ELCAS with at least 15 working days remaining before you are due to start your course. They will then send you a Claim Authorisation Note which you give to the Uni along with your contribution.They claim the dosh from the govmt so don't give them any money beforehand.

    At the end of the first year, be sure to send in your course eval form to clear your first claim. You can then submit your second claim etc

  13. Being an ex-squaddie in uni must be a nightmare now, with all those lefty lecturers tratiing you like a brainwashed baby-eater. Still....there's plenty of fit young ladies!