Hey all..

Just need a quick bit of advice, it seems every time i practice press ups my left elbow cracks quite abit....does this mean anything?.....anyone else get this :?: ...and also i am only 17 so it doesnt seem good that my joints are aging already....any help would be nice :)
Any pain? I crack like popcorn when I do anything but 2 different physios have told me nothing is wrong and its just the way I am lol...

creaks and cracks are pretty normal when exercising, everytime I do a cable cross over in the gym my elbow starts clicking, its annoying but doesnt hinder my progress in any which way. if your worried about it though the only thing that might put your mind to rest is a trip to your local gp...

Doubt it means anything though
My shoulder crunches every time I do a pressup pretty much, doctor said it's where I've put muscle mass on and it's making the joint move unusually.

Try stretching the muscles a bit more before you exercise, might help?
Nope no pain at all, just puts me off occasionally, am sure its nothing but i will try stretching before hand see if it helps .

cheers anyways :) :thumleft:

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