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Elbow warm-up stretches



Hi all,

My weak point for impending selection phys is press-ups, so I've been working hard on improving these. Recently, my right elbow has starting clicking on the upwards extension phase (near the top of the movement). I think, as this has only just appeared, it could well be due to ramping up the intensity too soon, so I'll rest and back off for a bit.

Anyway, can anybody recommend any good warm-up stretches for the relevant muscle groups; I find that if I shake out and do general warmup first, the problem is pretty much absent. So, targeted warmup when I get back into it seems like a sensible thing. The only one I've found online is to hold the arm out straight, palm facing up. The other hand then bends the hand down as far as possible, stretching out the entire underside (well, top side as it's facing) of the arm.

Any other suggestions welcome!


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Thanks for that. Trying now, I can feel a very slight clicking sensation when doing that (when moving from palm down, the clicking is just as the palm hits 45 degrees), so it could well be connected to the annular ligament playing up. That also fits with where I perceive the clicking to be coming from (as hard as it is to do so...).

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