Elbow problem

Went to my GP 3 months ago with pain in my elbow and was referred to an osteopath. Her initial diagnosis was tendonitis but then changed it to a muscular problem. She referred me to someone else who over the last month has changed the diagnosis each time I've seen her: - a. complication from previous dislocated shoulder, b. hyper-mobility in joint, c. dislocated thumb, c. deep tissue immobility etc.

The latest remedy is to continue wearing an elbow support, keep it rested and drink an infusion of termeric and root ginger. 2 weeks later and no change; still can't lift a bag of shopping or grip a tea mug without wanting to cry like a girl.

Any thoughts? And before anyone asks, it's my left (non-wnaking) elbow that's causing the problem.
I had a similar problem. My GP said it was "students' elbow" and was caused by spending too much time leaning on bars. If you get a pain in your hip that's because you are pocketing too much wet change. I think you should change you GP (unless, of course, she has a nice pair of Bristols and wears low-cut or very tight tops).
Thanks, but I'm pretty sure that's "tendonitis". It isn't swollen, just hurts like a bitch when I pick stuff up and certainly can't use dumb bells for the moment. Think I'll ask for an Xray.
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