Elastic on helmet covers

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You need to go to the QMs and sign out a Cover Key (tightning).
Put it in a microwave oven, that will tighten them up.


Two sinks, one full of very hot water, one full of very cold water. Put your lid on, then immerse your lid-encapsulated head into hot sink, then cold sink. Repeat.
Speedy said:
You need to go to the QMs and sign out a Cover Key (tightning).
Sorry mate, you're waaay behind the times.

Just pop the whole thing in the microwave for about five to seven minutes - depends on the wattage.

Just remember to leave the cover on yer helmet otherwise as the cover shrinks a bit you won't be able to fit it back on again.

Hope that helps.

Edit to add - MSR beat me to it. Still two independent advisors so it must be true then.
Tried the hot and cold water but the helmet seemed to fill up with water and keep my head under water for quite a while, luckilly had brought a straw with me for just such an eventuallity so was able to keep my head fully submersed for some time.

Face quite burnt now.

So just cut them off we think?
No, try the microwave one first.

Just have a camera ready and post the pics would you?


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