El Salvadorian troops in the battle of Najaf

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Chief_Joseph, Jul 18, 2006.

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  1. Probably lined up along Route Irish offering to sell fake Green cards and drivers licenses to people in passing vehicles as we speak.

    Is Home Depot in Iraq yet? If so, they'll probably be stagging on in the parking lot too. :D
  2. For the sake of winning hearts and minds we'd best hope not...
  3. Hehehe. real funny. Did you read the article?
  4. Nice one amigo! I've always liked people from that part of the world, Cpl. Toloza clearly has huge cojones, he can sit at my table anytime.
    Incidentally, for you young thrusters out there, his CO, Colonel Calidonio, is 27yo. What did you say you were up to this weekend? :D
  5. That reminds me of this little classic (someone on militaryphotos.net made it)

  6. A very brave CPL, well done, I hope he is a Sgt by now considering that was 2 years ago, future RSM me thinks!
  7. Wind it in, chinless. You of all people should know that for the average Salvi, Guate or Mexican, a tour in Iraq ain't sh!t but another drive to work up Robertson Boulevard. :D

    Awesome story, C_J.
  8. When did KBR achieve statehood?