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Why all the happy smiley faces?

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Ensconced in the pub last night - as I do from time to time - I was asked by an acquaintance a question that, it must be said, has left me somewhat baffled - and one that I (for once) could not answer with confidence.

Whenever the Dear Leader pitches up at some Godforsaken shite hole in Iraq or Afghanistan, there's invariably a throng of starstruck squaddies beaming with delight in his presence. The question I was asked is this: If Bliar's the loathed cnut that you say he is, then why are all the squaddies queueing up for happy snaps and handshakes?

Fair point, as there does seem to be an unhealthy amount of bonhomie and lack of utter contempt. True, there's the odd condescending sneer, but they seem to be a rare thing. So, is the Celestial Navigator truly a God, adored by his legions of righteous warriors? Or, is he the total cnut that he is portrayed as on countless ARRSE threads?

I suspect the latter. And the best answer I could give the questioner was that if they didn't look totally and utterly enthusiastic and enthralled by Der Fuhrer's presence, then the CO would ensure it was shite-burning and stagging on for the rest of their careers. Am I correct in this assumption? I bloody hope so!


Must admit, I've often pondered the same question. I suspect that the CoC would have put it about that there was a truckload of ice cold Warsteiner to share amongst all those who attend and that there was also two bus loads of nurses en route from Rinteln. I can't think of any other reason why any squaddie would want to be in his presence let alone look happy to be there.
I think it's to do with the British soldiers good manners..........pity we are not more like the Romans as I suspect it would have been a case of "et tu Brute" as he was surrounded and the bayonets went in


War Hero
I was at Basra airport when he rocked up on Telic 2. Soldiers were warned off re abusive heckling by RSM 15 Sigs. 15 Sigs also provided the happy faces in the photo opportunities. I managed to avoid the cnut, even when he breezed through Diamond 1 as I was having a dump (the ceramic toilets always worked when there were VIP visitors).

I did have the misfortune of spending some time in his company in 2000. I found his ignorance breathtaking. My dog has a better grasp of British history than that tw@.

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