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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by DeadlyVirus, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. Hello. My name is DeadlyVirus ( Sotiris ) and i am from Greece. I want to study in Greek Police Special Forces ( Anti - Terrorist Unit ) and i am looking for pictures for this unit. I wonder if anyone of you have got some pictures from this unit. I pleased if anyone have pictures post it them here. I will be greatful to you if you put some pictures. The link of Hellenic Ministry of Bublic Order ( http://www.ydt.gr/main/Section.jsp?SectionID=938 ) i have known it already. If you can find other sites with photos of Greek Police Special Forces it will be nice. In addition i want to tell you that if you know magazines, newspapers or something else that it has deticated in Greek Police Special Forces please post it them here

    Thanks a lot and i am waiting your answers.
  2. What's this all about?
  3. "Bubblic Order" sounds appropriate.
  4. Έχει κανένας αυτό το Περιοδικό ? Αν το έχετε μπορείτε να το περάσετε από το scanner και να το κάνετε post εδώ ? Please ?

    Is anyone have this Magazine ? If you have it can you scanned and post it here ? Please ?

  5. Pushti malacca?
  6. Read it and think of Borat!

  7. thought this was a british army forum :s

  8. lol :)
  9. Geordie_Blerk go f... your self. Sister
  10. High Five!

  11. Having just returned from Athens, I have seen the Greek "Police" trying to organise security at a football match, what a shower of sh*t!

    Myra Hindley and babysitting comes to mind!
  12. ???? ???,
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    I admire his optimism though, I really do. :D
  13. ??????????