Ejection seats for sale.

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Crafty990, Jan 23, 2009.

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  1. These two Ejection seats were left in our workshop by an officer who wanted them turned into swivel office chairs. The project never materialised and the officer left the battalion. The gaffer wants rid of them off the shopfloor now.
    Can anyone identify what aircraft they would be from and maybe estimate a value. They were bought from a memorabilia auction I believe so would they be safe for the almighty Ebay?

    Any advice or offers would be appriciated.

    Apologies, photos will follow.
  2. How about a photo?
  3. er, which seats?Have they been ejected?
  4. Sorry I'm crowing it with photoshop trying to compress the buggers down.
  5. Photoshop? just use MS paint, and shrink the size of the photo. It's easier.
  6. I saw an ejection seat for sale in Harrods. Accepted it had been tarted up, but it was on sale for something like £4k. They don't come up regularly....! Geddit
  7. Feck me I would not buy one - press the elevate lever and be 2000 feet up with no parachute - if you mange to go through the roof in the first place
  8. I'm still mongin it with the photos but I've found out the seats are Mk 3 Martin Baker's out of an AVRO Vulcan.

    Same as this but without the cushioning.

  9. If its a Vulcan babg seat, it'll prob be a MB Mk3. Spike is our seat expert so no doubt he'll pop along later and bore you to death asking questions about drogue guns, barometric timers and serial numbers. :roll:
  10. Pics.

    Attached Files:

  11. YESSSSS! I am the master of photo shrinkage.

    Anyone any idea of the value of these babies. Is our Fitter section brew fund gonna end up like Blairs slush fund?
  12. They most certainly are a pair of Vulcan bang seats. The bad news is they are fairly common items. But the good news is, if you can get all the various ancils such as PSPs, cushions and harnesses and restore them into grade A condition, you could get a couple of grand each for them. As they are, not too sure.

    Belgian Ebay has one going for £2650 but its immaculate;

    MB mk3K
  13. I'll give you £50 for the pair :)
  14. I know were there are five, but unfortunatly still in the Vulcan in Newark
  15. Put them on Ebay and use the words "Identical to those used during the Falklands War Port Stanley bombing raids where the SAS, Paras and Marines were supported"

    Guaranteed some twat will pay a couple of K each for them.
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