Ejection from SLAM query on service provider contracts

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by MrBane, May 17, 2010.

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  1. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Interesting question raised by one of the lads.

    We operate a 'three-strikes' policy. So if one of the lads lives like a grot or his SLAM isn't up to standard, he gets pumped into the Skills House (The old 8-man room block) where he gets room inspections, etcetc.

    However, as you can have TV / Phoneline in your SLAM, can the QM legitimately throw him out of his SLAM if he has, lets say, a four month notice period on his telephone line, or Sky TV?

    To our minds, this would mean the army was forcing him into, essentially, debt.

    Now, none of the 'It's the army, deal with it' nonsense. This has serious reprecussions for some idiots whom can't hoover or dust. Imagine being stuck paying £60 a month combined for services you don't use / can't get access to.

    (This obviously all balances on the companies themselves refusing to terminate before the period is up. Even saying you're moving, can have some companies taking the remainder of your contract money if you cannot resume service at the new address)

    Thoughts, comments?
  2. He knows the score prior to moving into SLAM, mag to grid if he hasn't t met the grade!!
  3. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Not being funny, but that's the sort of comment I wasn't after. I'm sure if someone rocked into your accommodation and said 'Do one, you've been warned' and were left paying bills, you'd be pretty pi**ed, maggot or not.

    On a quick sidenote, this actually also covers when you go on tour and you box your room up, and they move someone else in. You've still got your phoneline active, for example. (Some companies, it's better to keep the minimum line rental rather than have to pay to reactivate later) Can they do that? You're the tennant, in essence.
  4. If they get 3 strikes then they've got plenty of time to sort their acts out. It's shit and could leave blokes out of pocket but we're all adults.
  5. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Again. What we're actually trying to find out, is if they can actually do it. It's one of these things that must've crept up in the past, and must've been dealt with through some form or another. You can't just howf a lad out and tell him to deal with paying money for nothing. (Unless he's paying Mess Bills, same thing! :) )
  6. Phone lines and decent rooms are not an automatic right, tough shit.

    If you dont get the message after 3 strikes then tough shit
  7. Is it a temporary move into the Skills House or, having shown that he can live like a human, he joins the end of a long queue for the next available SLAM?
  8. I don't see why not, you can get evicted from a rented property.
  9. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Tell you what, if anyone has come across this situation and has found an answer that doesn't involve the words 'tough sh*t' or 'deal with it', PM me please.

    I'm all for, 'Army, deal with it' but until people realise that now, in todays world, you can't actually use that for every single problem that occurs, we'll never move forward from outdated training techniques and 'We've always done it like that, why change it?' attitudes.

    Cheers! :)
  10. You've raised a good point and I suspect that downgrading quarters as a punishment is entering a legal minefield. But a solution (if somebody wants to take up a GEMS idea) would be for the Army to negotiate a bulk contract with a service provider and rent it out weekly to the occupants. Service provider gives discount for bulk contract, end user pays less and withdrawal of service (with or without relocation) becomes a viable punishment.

    Of course it all falls down when you realise that MoD would put it all in the hands of Sodexho, who would offer soldiers discounts for a 12 month contract...
  11. Sorry but what is SLAM and phonelines,sky tv.Getting a pizza delivered were the only civvy services we got.
  12. WTF is a skills house, charge the cnut for being a bog then, or can't you do that anymore???.

  13. There is surely a minimum standard required of him (the tenant). So long as that is laid down and the tenant has entered in to that agreement with his landlord (the QM). He forfeits his right to tenancy and the landlord can waive the tenants entitlement to that particular accommodation. As the tenant hasn't maintained a satisfactory standard of cleanliness and has had fair warning, it is entirely correct for him to lose his 'lease'. If that means he is out of pocket, that I'm afraid is his responsibility and not the chain of commands. I've put that into pseudo civvy speak as if the soldier is renting a flat. Do you think the land lord has an obligation to cover the tenants bills if he, the tenant doesnt fulfil his part of the contract? What rights do you believe the solider has? I would suggest you approach SSAFA to get an fairly impartial answer on this.
  14. WTF happened to just giving the grot a good kicking, followed by a regi bath?
  15. It seems to me that one way around this would be to have something in writing prior to the individual taking up occupation. SLA is usually occupied under licence, but few individuals are aware of any terms and conditions. Ensuring that individuals sign to confirm that they understand the consequences of failing to meet the standard of cleanliness required will go a long way to resolving any issues surrounding phone lines etc. further down the line.

    I live in a Mess in Aldershot, and we have broadband/phone service available by the month through Sabre Communications, who have a monopoly in the Garrison. The service can be suspended on request when deployed, and reinstated upon return. Only one month's notice is required to terminate, and room moves are easily accommodated. Payment is direct to Sabre, not on Mess bills. Maybe provision of something like this would also be worth looking into.