Either TA or Regs???

Discussion in 'REME' started by moggyjnr, Jan 4, 2008.

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  1. hey, hope anyone can help!!! i'm currently in the TA training as a metalsmith.. have been for nearly five years. Due to a change in relationships i have the urge to join full time..i'm only 22 so why not?? a few years ago i was medically reffered for one year and in that time i enlisted into TA.

    I'm a soldier through and through and love the army life and the experiences!! i have the chance to go to cyprus for 6month tour but not sure weather to join full time as a metalsmith!!

    i have looked intro transferring but nothing came of it as i would have to leave the TA and re-enlisted to the regs and go through all the training again!!!!!!!

    Any help and advice would be welcomed with open arms!!
  2. Evening.

    Go to Cyprus as a metalsmith - if you don't like life as a metalsmith you've had a chance at it and 6 months to think about something else.
    If you do like it - either keep at it in the TA or sign up full time - You've got a great opportunity to get paid, get a tan and try something - give it a go!

    What other trades have you thought about? There's plenty to do.

    Good luck Moggy of the junior type!

  3. well when i joined over 4 years ago i had the choice of three trades


    metalsmith i liked the most...to be totally honest itend to do alot more hands on stuff when i go on exercise. i'm the only metalsmith in my unit so i'm normally left to do sod all!!!
  4. Im sure if they were your choices you'd have been asked to consider reccy mech, LOL... you ever given any thought to that? Reccy Mech is an awesome job, being a bit bias as I am one, but oh well, look into all the trades the REME has to offer...
  5. Bit surprised if you have the opportunity to practise the excellent trade of metal bending on a 6 month tour of Cyprus in the current climate.

    From what I know, you are more likely to be operating in the Inf role on future TA 6 month Cyprus tours.

    After more than 30 yrs in the Corps I can only recommend going Reg. Should you not be sure it is the right thing for you; sign up for the shortest you can & extend/leave as the cap fits.

    Met some absolutely brill metal benders in my time, worth their weight in gold at 1st line (sorry, DEME(A) are moving them all aren't they :? ).

  6. Go for gold geezer! do your TA thing and THEN join up in any reg you care to,
    with your spirit you can do anything you want!
  7. thats wot I wanted to say , only he did it better!
  8. Be aware that you limit yourself to SSgt (or if very lucky WO2) as a metalsmith. If you wish to go tiffy and get selected you would need to retrain as an Armr - going tiffy would almost certainly guarantee you WO2 and probably WO1

    Promotion speeds are not great as a metalsmith, and the CEG is now starting to reduce in size due to the next round of rebalancing so promotion speeds may suffer even more as we will have more soldiers than we have liability for, for a while at least.

    Rec Mech, VM or Armr are your best bets it you want reasonable prospects of advancement down the line - but only if you will enjoy those trades. Clearly, job satisfaction counts for a lot.

    I hope this helps.
  9. not really thought about any other trade, only VM as dual trade!! the only thing is that at our unit i'm the only metalsmith so lose out on decent training.

    when i went to germany i had a wicked time...very hands on and the lads were spot on!!

    they tryed to get me transferred to their unit on a attachment but my unit wasn't having any of it!!! if i do a attachment its either iraq or afgan!!!!
  10. Wish I could have reached the dizzy hights yet alone been limited to them :roll: :D
  11. Check your Pm's again moggy and have a chat with the ACIO i mentioned, they do go to your TA centre or the Connexions/job centre i mentioned. It might be an idea to see how the six month tour pans out and start the ball rolling when you get back and really know if you want it.

    Okimatos comments are spot on and worth considering if your thinking of a full career, but dont go poncy B mech squatter be A man.
    I wouldnt think youll be going as a metal bender to Cyprus either and suspect you'll be on the GREENLINE at ledger Palace (Nicosia) as normally they only have a couple of REME at trade on the UN tours the rest are infantry role. Its a good crack though.
  12. Basically the TA are now taking on Op TOSCA and are asking for anyone in the TA to go out, regardless of trade, and walk the line. it's a UN tour and you are more or less guarenteed not to be doing any trade. 32 Sig Regt in Glasgow are taking the lead, if i'm not mistaken, to raise a regt's worth for a tour, but as with all TA, only 1% will be available when it's crunch time, due to whatever reasons/commitments/excuses etc.

    So trawling will be massive throughout the TA at the mo, and whatever you volunteer for, you will get, that's more or less a given.

    I'm a PSI at the mo and i would strongly urge you to join the regs, you are a rare breed who ask about joining the regs, there is nothing stopping you and every man feels worse of himself for not having been a soldier (Kipling i believe) and i do not include TA as soldiers in that statement!!
  13. Re-igniting the STAB/ARAB arguement H-J? If the TA aren't soldiers, then what are they :?
  14. They are naughty, naughty boys.
  15. You may believe it was Kipling however, I am not surprised that you are wrong!

    The quote in question is, "Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier, or not having been at sea" and was by, Samuel Johnson LL.D. MA (1709 - 1784).

    As an aside, (my bold above) you sir are a bigoted tw@t and a disgrace to the PSIs of the Corps!