Eight years for Damilola killers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mad_Moriarty, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. Disgusting, 8 years for the life off a poor defenceless boy who was left bleeding to death on a cold concrete staircase.

    No doubt when these two animals get out (If they do the full 8 years) they will have all the benefits to look forward too!.

    More here
  2. Kill 'em - no shame in that - make others think twice!
  3. 8 years in a yoof offenders institute?

    They are 18 and 19 now. Why can't they be placed in an adult prison like anyone else? They did the crime, now do the time! :evil:
  4. Kill one warn a hundred..............they cannot read, therefore would not get the message about Law.
  5. Lets think about the real sentence, 8 years minus the 523 days already served plus minus 50% as usual equals 3 years left to serve.

    So they will be out and about in 2009 at the latest.

  6. Lets hope they have somesort of nasty accident inside, I can only hope :twisted: :twisted:
  7. From what I've read about the two brothers, I have to wonder what would be a deterrent to stop them committing another crime. They both have a long criminal record, which started when they were shockingly young:-

    Ricky Preddie

    He has a history of 24 offences committed on bail by the time he was re-arrested last year over Damilola's killing.

    2005 - 12 months' detention for driving while disqualified, assault and other offences.

    Jul 03 - Convicted of failing to surrender to bail. He was on bail for several impending prosecutions for theft.

    May 03 - 12-month supervision order for going equipped for theft.

    Dec 02 - charged after throwing a bottle at another youth he had accused of stealing his phone card.

    Sep 99 - prosecuted for having a knife which he gave to another youth. He was later stabbed himself by a third youth.

    Danny Preddie

    Sentenced to three years detention at Inner London Crown Court in March last year for conspiracy to commit robbery. He was part of a so-called "steaming gang" who went through trains, threatening and robbing passengers.

    He threatened to cut one victim's face before stealing £5. A few days later, the gang threatened another victim, who had a knife pushed towards his stomach as his mobile phone and £15 were stolen.

    In November 2000, aged 12, he had five impending prosecutions - three for assault - and was being kept on bail at a children's home within two miles of where Damilola was attacked.

    In June 2000, he had attacked a 13-year-old boy's legs with a baseball bat when he said he had no money.

    Their mother must be so proud!
  8. I may be a little cynical but does anyone actually imagine that these 2 will leave prison in any way rehabilitated or remorseful? The likelihood is they will leave and continue to lead criminal lives (probably funded by the taxpayer). I for one would not shed any tears if they met with a nasty accident, possibly being stabbed with a broken bottle and being left to die in a stairwell!
  9. woefully inadequate sentancing.....again!
  10. pathetic
    justice... hardley
    pending appeal no doubt
    rant over
  11. Eight years minus the usual half of for good behaviour or whatever quite simply is no deterrent at all. Bear in mind that these scum have committed what is supposed to be the ultimate taboo in our society, they have committed the cold blooded murder of a child. They have been caught and they have had the full force of the law applied to them. And they get four years.

    Just what is there for them to respect when they come out? Which part of the law will they fear? They know that they can commit any criminal act that they want and the punishment won't be as 'harsh' as the one they have just served.

    I am honestly beginning to think that as a society we deserve people like this.
  12. Well. if there is one certainty about life in prison in the UK it is that if they were not so affected before, they will most certainly leave prison HIV infected with a shortened life span and if they were not drug addicted prior to detention, they will almost certainly be when they leave!

    I doubt if many tears will be shed for them.
  13. How true. There comes a point when you have to accept that a criminal is beyond redemption. These two fall well within that category. The only realistic option is to bang them up till they die in order to protect the rest of us. In America they'd be serving a whole life term, if they managed to dodge a death sentence.
  14. Just been watching the news was spitting feathers when they said after the time they had spent on remand they could be out within three years, The system is totally out of whack!
  15. They'll be out in 3 years, and they'll be doing exactly the same thing with guns, a more fearsome reputation and criminal contacts built up in prison.

    For crimes like this - when wounding can be expected to lead to a life-threatening injury and there is a previous extensive history of violence - they should be banged up for 20 years.

    Alternatively, move them to a hostel in Connaught Square after 3 years. :twisted: