Eight weeks jail for illegal immigrant in drink-drive death

The parents of a 12-year-old boy who was knocked down and killed by an illegal immigrant called for a change in the law yesterday after seeing him jailed for eight weeks.

Aaron Chisango, who has been refused permission to stay in Britain four times, had drunk one litre of whisky a few hours before hitting Jamie Mason. He did not have a driving license and was driving an uninsured car.

Because of time spent on remand, he will be freed in a few days but still cannot be deported because he has applied for a judicial review into his immigration refusal.

Yesterday Jamie’s parents joined calls for the introduction of a mandatory minimum prison sentence for any driver who kills, regardless of the circumstances.

Regardless of whether he was an illegal immigrant, he should be sent down for far longer than this! Anyone who takes a life or causes serious injury by reckless/careless/drink driving should be jailed for a long time. Look what happend to the arsenal footballer jermaine pennant. He was jailed for 3 months and all he did was drink rive whilst disqualified. At least he never killed anyone!
Anyone awaiting permission to stay in this country who commits a crime should automatically lose any rights they have to stay here. Send the Fecker home and if he is truly in "fear of his life" in his own country he might get a fair punishment!
Illegal immigrant or not, as Agent Smith said, the guy needs a good reaming. If you were a clay pigeon shooter and turned up to a contest drunk, and killed someone with your 12 bore, you'd get 15 years and quite right too. When are the courts going to recognize that cars are lethal weapons and not to be treated like they were harmless toys? This guy should be allowed to stay in UK just so that he can dedicate his life to working in an anthrax infested maggot farms cess pool,* paying every penny he earns to the family of the kid he killed. The magistrates who sentenced him should be in there too.

*the Steamywindow sentencing policy - better laws for a better Britain. Vote Steamywindow 2005!
toe rag should be deported prefably from 40000 feet
judical review your a drunken murdering tosspot goodbye
I believe the key factor in limiting his sentence was that no-one could prove that he was driving carelessly and that it caused the death.

Jermaine Pennant was careless enough to be dragging the remains of a lamp post under his car.

The cars of uninsured drivers should be crushed, with the driver at the wheel.
whiffler said:
I believe the key factor in limiting his sentence was that no-one could prove that he was driving carelessly and that it caused the death.

Jermaine Pennant was careless enough to be dragging the remains of a lamp post under his car.

The cars of uninsured drivers should be crushed, with the driver at the wheel.
Magistrates :x just by getting behind the wheel after consuming a litre of whisky is enough to be classed as driving carelessly?!?

Sentenced to 2 months, out and free again in 4 weeks if he's a good boy 8O :evil:

The blokes Solicitor would have informed him that the max. he would be looking at would be 6 months by attending the Magistrates Court, killed a child, no insurance blah blah... should have been referrred to Crown Court for sentencing :evil:
Illegal immigrants frequently avoid just punishment by virtue of the legal big guns that are available to them:

I was once waiting in a magistrates' court to give evidence against some car thieves (who also got off scot-free, but thats another gripe story...). The previous case was the cops doing an illegal immigrant on about six charges - unlicensed taxi, no tax/MoT/Insurance/Driving licence, and some driving offences. The offender had a right-on type of barrister/solicitor, two legal advisers and a translator, which must have cost the tax-payer a fortune.

The solicitor ripped into the magistrate and police, portraying her client as a poor, penniless asylum seeker just trying to survive and feed his family, etc, etc (puke) and that he was a victim of racist discrimination, etc, etc, and that he was of saintly character, etc, etc. After hours of cross-examination of the hapless coppers and examination of what seemed to me to be totally irelevant legal points by the solicitor, the magistrate more or less gave up and acquitted the defendant on most charges, but imposing a small fine for driving whilst banned (probably to be paid by the DSS). The case having closed, the coppers were then allowed to disclose to the Court that the defendant had had 34 previous charges against him......
When will people realise that until their contribution is verified, these people are GUESTS. Therefore, they should consider themselves as such, and not take hospitality for granted, as the bad apples most definitely do. If I were a guest in someone's house, drunk too much at dinner and murdered their son with a rolling pin, it would be reasonable to expect his father to mete out some severe justice. These people have got it into their heads (possibly something to do with the Court of Human Wrongs) that they are owed a favour, and are as such able to $hit all over us.

The Australians have a good policy on illegals - remember that Afghan container ship a couple of years back? Howard sent THEM in to deal with it. Good call Bruce :twisted:
Nobody seems to get sentenced long for anything these days. The whole justice system needs a huge re-think and lots of changes.
Someone mentioned Pennant; whilst I am not necessarily suggesting he should have got off...

Damaging lamp post = 3 months

Killing a young lad = 8 weeks

:( :evil:
let me drink a litre of JD, drive an unisured car and run the scum bag immigrant over, see how much porridge I get!

Blood boiling.

How long would I get if I ran a magistrates kid over?
Would someone please build more jails and employ more prison officers so people with that sort of scant disregard for decency, the law and human life can be kept away from the rest of society. I know this would cost a few quid but such sums could probably be clawed back from some of the crazy areas that seem to attract government money.
FunkyNewBlood said:
let me drink a litre of JD, drive an unisured car and run the scum bag immigrant over, see how much porridge I get!

Blood boiling.

How long would I get if I ran a magistrates kid over?
8 weeks for initial offense and 15-20 for racist attack.

You come from the wrong country to get off lightly, sad but true. The other thing is in his own country, nothing would have got to court as he would have bribed the coppers.
Pennant didn't get done for damaging the lamp post, and no charge was brought over the death of the child.

What baffles me is why people who drive uninsured and unlicensed are continually let off easily. Both of these elements are there to ensure that people are capable of driving to a good standard (a can of worms there, some people pass once after dozens of failures), or to make them cough up for the costs of accidents (a financial reminder).

These things should be an automatic sentence.

As for the death of the child, I have not seen much about the exact circumstances, but kids do sometimes run out in front of cars - lamp posts don't so that is a no-brainer for the criminal justice system. Ah 'justice', grr 'criminals'.
The sentence is not only a joke - it is also exactly the kind of establishment response that actually generates racist feelings in those who are usually not racist at all.

Consider the facts, but remove the immigrant for a moment. If an actual citizen of this country had done that, we would all be baying for his (or her) blood and demanding a proper sentence. I imagine that an English man would have got 5 years for that. Whilst it is still not enough, it is far better than 8 weeks.

Now, insert the immigrant back into the equation and you are left asking why his sentence was so soft? Those who are genuinely racist will doubtless hold this up as a classic example of why they are actually racist. Which, I will admit, is bollox - they are racist because they are ignorant and bigoted. But it is a reason to hold up and say to society - 'Look - immigrants get easy justice and light sentences. That is why we should get rid of them all'

Now I don't know why the sentence was so light, and I don't really care. The fact is this toe rag killed a 12 year old boy whilst under the influece of alcohol. Unless the lad just walked out in front of this sh1t (which is possibility we have to consider), then he is guilty of manslaughter, as well as drink driving.

The fact he is an immigrant only adds fuel to the flames. In fact, now I think about it, I would imagine his status is the only reason it is national news. It certainly proves that our immigration system is a shambles, at best, and needs a radical overhaul asap. (Somejhow I don't think this government is going to do that - do you?)

This case also shows just how pathetic and useless our so called justice system has become. You only get justice if you a minority or a criminal. Which is not what I thought justice was about. The rest of us get shafted. And that is the sort of situation no democracy can allow to continue without damaging in some way (ie a mistrust of justice, lawyers, the police and politicians?) or other the democracy itself .
The law is an arrse.....

We should start electing judges - at least there would be a legitimate reason for them to be useless.
Think about this:

A high power rifle firing a 10g bullet at 1000m per sec gives the bullet an energy of 10kJ. A light-weight (500kg) car at 30mph has a kinetic energy of nearly 9 times that of the bullet! Ok, the bullet dumps all of that energy into a body, whereas a car will dissipate energy in braking, etc. But the energy in a 30mph impact must be roughly comparable to being shot by a low velocity round (such as a 9x19mm form a pistol).

If handguns are treated as lethal weapons that need tight licensing and stiff penalties for illegal use, then why aren't cars treated in the same way!

Another thought - being hit by a car at 60mph imparts roughly the same energy as being hit by 4 pistol rounds!
I'm not for a moment defending him, but did anyone notice the time of the accident? 11.15 THE DAY AFTER his p iss up. I'll wager that 75% or you have driven well before that the morning after a big night.

Makes you think.
"I'm so glad I've got a car, I was far too drunk to walk to work" - quote from Cav Offr.

Yes, it does make you think.....lets start getting proper MT laid on after mess functions and smokers!

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