Eight Lives Down

Bought from Amazon, I only have 2 chapters left and I only started it 2 days ago.

A gripping detailed book on EOD work in Iraq 2004 and Chris Hunter should be congratulated on it.

An excellent read, for anyone military or civilian and guaranteed to make you laugh at the bits that doesnt give you a lump in your throat.

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Just finished it and I thought it was a cracking book. Big thumbs up :thumleft: As Liz said before parts of it has you in stitches and there are other parts that make you think.

Definitely a squaddie book, but I´m not sure whether civvies as a whole will be able to relate to it.

I was never RLC let alone an ATO, so I´ll leave it in their capable hands to comment on the technical side of the book, but being an ATO´s brat I can relate to and agree with what he wrote about what the families go through. It seems that some things in the Forces never change.

The curtain was lifted "ever so slightly" on the Int side of EOD, which made for interesting reading as well. Once again, I´ll leave that subject to the experts.

On the whole a gripping book with similarities to Sniper One and Dusty Warriors, but from yet another perspective and with another small piece of the big picture surrounding modern day ops.

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I've just finished Eight Lives Down, and I cannot recommend this book highly enough. From the first ambush to the sheer sweat-soaking terror of "the long walk"; the cat and mouse with the militias, the ingenuity of the bomb-makers and Hunter's descriptions of incidents described in other books like Sniper One expose a fascinatingly different angle of that particular time.

That the man has balls goes without saying but Chris Hunter's humanity and that of his team shines through this work.

It's utterly gripping. Buy it.
Reads like a Boys Own yarn, entertaining, but a large pinch of salt required IMHO.
Themanwho said:
entertaining, but a large pinch of salt required IMHO.
as with certain parts of Dusty Warriors


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Bl00dy good read - heartily recommended.
Am currently reading it and think it is excellent. Read Barefoot Soldier before this, and before that Sniper One, so the slight links between the books helps put the bigger picture together.

Can anyone recommend any other books that are similar?
I managed to read eight lives down, sniper one and the barefoot soldier and I also found the 3 books link really well together to give a fuller picture of the same time frame in a certain location. To divert from the thread slightly has anyone read a million bullets yet ? is it worth a read?


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