Eight Days Later

Eight Days Later


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Eight Days Later - The Debut of Boyd Aimes

This book is the debut of a character called Boyd Aimes and is the author’s first novel. 25% of the proceeds will be donated to the Warrior Programme, a charity that supports service personnel.

Boyd Aimes is an ex Parachute Regiment Corporal whose tranquil, reclusive retirement on his canal boat is disturbed when one of his ex-military mates gets into a spot of bother involving the murder of a security guard. Boyd rushes to help and uncovers a mesh of drugs, terrorism and intelligence...

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Thank you for the review, and your honest appraisal. Bad editors are 10 a penny, and good editors don't come cheap. As it is the first in a series Boyd Aimes character will develop and a lot more of his persona will come out. Your criticism is constructive, the fact that you like the story line is great, and punctuation is the issue, which can be resolved. Any good editors who feel they can support an aspiring novelist, and join him on the road to success please get in touch. Thank you for your honest opinion.
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