Eight British soldiers battle with 1,200 Taleban

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rumrunner, Jul 7, 2006.

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  1. An interesting read. Don't think it has been posted before?
  2. 8 Brits against 1200 taleban? Sounds a bit unfair to me.... Maybe the Taleban should get some reinforcements to give them a chance against real men!
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Well done lads!!!! (That'll teach the feckers to mess with the British Army!!)
  4. When is the Regimental barber turning up!!!!
  5. Yes I know what they are, but one wonders what the average Times reader thought.
  6. They probably had to do what this old fart (me) did i.e search:-


  7. Sounds like Int is as good as ever. Back in March this is what the MoD estimated the Talibs to total.

    11. We note MoD's estimate that the Taliban in Helmand might number "over a thousand" and that allegiances were determined by "who is paying them". It is imperative that UK Forces work quickly and closely with Afghan security forces to develop a reliable intelligence picture of threats in Helmand. (Paragraph 52)

    THAT IS HELMAND PROVINCE. not a small town in Helmand.
  8. Grown a beard! What a great idea, the joys of not having to shave every morning whilst on Ops must make up for the fact that they get shot at every day!
  9. Fair play to the lads involved but as with C Lamb's article on a 3 Para contact, if the journo hadn't been there we'd be none the wiser. How many other small teams are dotted around like this without proper air/ground support and standing by to be overrun by a determined Taleban attack? The words 'cake' 'arrse' and 'party' spring to mind.

    Good luck fellas, I don't envy you.
  10. I know Karl Brennan and I reckon he could get out there wiht a hand spike and do the lot!
  11. Not meant to deflect from the sterling job they are doing, but the article does clearly state that they are backed up by 30 Paras, over 100 ANA soldiers, and a number of local police, and that there are some 1200 suspected Taliban fighters in that valley, not all fighting the Brits at once. Typical journo, they always have to make 'amazing' headlines. :roll:

    Best of luck to all the guys (and gals) out there. We recongise the brilliant work you are doing, even if the general population don't.
  12. Whats that line from the battle of the bulge?

    "they've got us surrounded again... The poor bastards"
  13. They are in a better position now, however..
    So this 8 man team were in contact daily for over four weeks.. Granted a Plt of Paras is backing them up now but prior to that they were on their tod.
    It's well known we do not have enough close air support in theater and the Afghan militia/police are likely to fight to the last Brit.

    My point is I can't help feeling some of the lads are over-exposed in isolated positions and the Taleban are not waiting for us to bring the fight to them. If the idea is to try and draw out, engage and destroy large formations with overwhelming force it makes sense, although being the cheese in the trap would be pretty scary. The trouble is we don't have overwhelming force available, so why are they being deployed like this?
  14. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I don't know but I'm getting a mental image of a movie producer reading and saying to his PA 'Wow....Javelins....just like Zulu Dawn...get me my casting list and phone book...I wonder if Kevin Costner can do an English accent....never mind...we can retell the story making it the 82nd Airborne.'
  15. "The battle raged for three hours. Bullets flew...The fighting ended only when the British summoned air power and the Taleban melted away, leaving behind at least two dead fighters. "

    I'd like to know why it took them 3 hours to kill 2 Taleban. They should be spending some more time on the ranges.