Eid flag ban upsets the Muslim Community

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Letterwritingman, Jan 12, 2005.

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  1. tough cack!

    which country are you claiming benefits from? which country givew you the right to demonstrate and vote democractically?

    Good old blighty!

    Therefor no need to wave the pakistani, iraqi (or dare i say, the Palastine flag :x )

    if you hate thius country then bugger of back to where you came from. If you want to offer something to the country and your local neighbourhood then your more than welcome 8)

    agent smith
  2. Well done that police force :twisted:

    About time the law was applied equally- mind how long before the police try and ban St georges flags or the union flag :?
  3. Nice one The Met :D

    Applying the law equally , and about damn time.
  4. I think it is against the law to ban people waving THE national falg of the counbtry they are in (blighty) unless it is causing a disturbance or someother offence.

    agent smith
  5. I suspect, although I'm not sure, that the police can ban just about anything in the short term if they feel it may prevent a breach of the peace.

    Call me cynical but the original article does lead me to think that somebody, somewhere could be laying the foundation of a St George/Union flag ban.
  6. I somewhat find it highly unlikely of a ban of our national flags.
  7. Strange how I don't see the place over run with the flag of India for Diwali.

    I do see Orange flags, but that's all.
  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    A certain London borough made a big stink about the St George's cross a few years back - while I didn't have one up it incensed me that the local politicians should attempt to ban the national flag being displayed in it's own country !

    Is this the start of equal treatment, just a flash in the pan or possibly even instructions from 'on high' as a sop to the weaker minded voters to attempt to keep the current mob in power later this year ?

    Or perhaps I'm just too cynical ?
  9. During GW1 Bradford City Council banned Union flags on some taxis, whilst ignoring pro-Saddam stickers on others.
  10. "Sadiq Khan, of the Muslim Council of Britain, said he failed to see "how the carrying of national flags causes anti-social behaviour". "

    Aye cock now't wrong with carrying The Union Flag. The flag on which the Sun never set.
    Oh if ya feels you have a right to sum other national flag then go home and fly to your arts content.
  11. If my memory serves me correctly certain universities banned students hanging flags and banners of Saint George Cross during Euro 2004 because it was thought it may offend certain people. This country has gone crazy, it's just bloody ridiculous when you ban the flag of England.