Eichmann Mark II?

Just watched Panorama. Dealt with the Pakistan scientist Khan who gave out details of nucleur warfare. Seems clear that there are very many very relevant questions that only he knows the answers to. Who else had his help? How far along are they?
His Government will not allow him to be questioned by anyone other than his own. Claim is that this could compromise the nation's own programme. He is shut up in a villa.
Seems we need a small Eichmann-like operation to take him to a sunny clime for some further questions? Seems he was involved in helping Iran so "you know who" would benefit from the answers to the questions.
Khan who was Pardoned by the President of Pakistan.
Must be onest can't spell Mushariff.
Good BBC prog over the weekend on Why Isreal Will bomb the Iran Nucular Instalations.
Seems Isreal is annoyed that the dirty work is being left to them.
He should be snatched as a matter of principle and given 120 years in a supermax, the way Pakistan have handled this prove that they are a pretty much a terrorist state - much more so than Iran. This prick sold secrets to whoever including probably AQ.

Cheery mongraph on the subject (US Navy officers MSc thesis).

This Khan-geezer is a national hero in Pakistan; so not only are they cheats at cricket but they put up with this too!
The Paks did what they needed to do to achieve nuclear parity with India.

If that involved some underhand dealings with the likes of N Korea then they did what they had to.

I hardly think the West can claim the moral high ground when it comes to covertly arming dictators, a few names come to mind...
Paks did what they needed...
So Israel can do molten glass double glazing in Iran? Laissez faire does not work. There has to be world standards of what is and what is not acceptable.
Underhand dealings - did what they had to....
On a very simple footing, any underhand dealings to obtain your identity and clone a few debts, credit cards, mortgages so I may have a 60" plasma screen is just my doing what I had to.
Western hands not clean....
Every single Western country? This is the old idea that 2 wrongs = 1 right. We used to hang, draw and quarter people but have learned better ways.

Oh - and I'm a little dubious about Paks. Pakistan I know, pacs are the things Crabair move. Paks?

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