EHOs, its all in the name.................

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by SpeckledJim, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. have you noticed how job titles are getting a bit daft these days, you know, "Sanitation Engineer" for "Refuse Collector". Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for having a well 'ard job title, but SO Med Int/Med FP/CBRN, whats that all about? Its just plain greedy.

    In the AMS you usually know where you are, Nurses nurse, Dog Handlers handle dogs, Dental Hygienists clean teeth, CMT paint boxes and Bio-Medical Scientists, well they're a mystery to me, but the EHO cadre seems to be having an identity crisis with job titles ranging from the afore-mentioned to Med Ops, Prev Med, Health, EH (Pol) and Med FP!!! Lets get back to basic's with just calling EHOs SO Med (EH) - as they say "it does what it says on the label".

    Once we've sorted job titles for the EHOs we can look at the Techs - I have a couple of ideas............................................(cue Darth Vadar theme tune)

    I appreciate mentioning "titles for EHOs" is presenting an easy target, but hey, who cares who dares..............
  2. coming soon to a Div near you SO* Med(Dark Arts) :twisted:
  3. Let get this thread upto date, like we so often have to do with most of our venerable EHOs work.

    The EHO is a thing of the past, the current terminology is EH Practitioner which does describe them better. Is it not possible to create post titles along the lines of medical force protection, which the G2/G3 world would be more interested in communicating with. SO2 EH.........Yawn..........back to the black arts.

    I think we should radicalise while we have the LANDSO rewrite going on, and commit to SO1 Emperor of the EH Battlespace, SO3 Padawan Learner and WO2 Binks. These would be perfect for AMD.

    I'll try another for 5 Div................SO2 Been Around a bit...........WO2 Been Around Alot..............and Staff Sergeant Handsome, Good Bloke.

    Remember if you are an non-EH person reading this thread, EH Technicians do the work, whilst EHOs sit in their Ivory Towers saying things like 'make it so' and 'lets rub 'amphibians' on our furry bottom areas'

    When all is lost.........................get a Tech

    Post Script: Whilst reading this thread, the cost our Ivory Towers has gone up! Invest Now!
  4. I partially agreeing with my last SO2 MED (FP/Med Int/CBRN/ Health/ Health Promotion/Lord of Technicians/Drains) on this matter, that the image of local authority EHOs (as in the real world most EHPs still call themselves EHOs) is of petty minded bureaucrats and fun police, who gain sadistic pleasure in banning people dancing around the Maypoles etc in case they should trip over a molehill and hanging themselves on the ribbon. Obviously this view of EH is not one that the Army EHTs should be associated with - To be fair LA EHOs are severely restricted by targets and performance monitoring, so its difficult for them to look at the wider social health picture.

    However (now the fence sitting) the United Nations Environmental Programme in its preamble to its extended definition of Environmental Health Officer roles states that "EHOs are generally concerned with public health surveillance and the protection from the environment as it impacts health". This is not far off what I perceive we do. So on balance we should stick with Environmental Health in our title.
  5. Fcuking hell! Who is O_Razor.........

    I think you must work for EH News! You boring b.....stard

    Should be EH Technician / EH Officer (SO3 EH)

    At least people understand what EHO means and it equates to civvy street.

    Like the post about SO1 Emperor of the EH Battlespace, I think this could be adopted on move to Andover LOL!!!!!!!!!
  6. Who would want to be an officer or practitioner when you could be a tech


    1. someone whose occupation involves training in a specific technical process
    2. someone known for high skill in some intellectual or artistic technique


    1. person who holds a position of rank or authority in the army, navy, air force, or any similar organization (i.e. girl guides)


    1. someone who practices a learned profession
  7. Not appropriate to compare ourselves to LA's either, as we are more akin to the private sector practitioners.

    In fact, that's exactly what we are: EHP's employed as internal advisors within the MOD. Fear not Unit Health Advisors - we come in peace, we have no enforcement powers, we don't have teeth and we can't bite.
  8. Fair comments from both Crypto and S_jobs!

    I just found this useful snippet of information in the Army Field Manual glossary!

    'Defn - EHO' - a useless over-paid pompous waste of God's Air. Normally wearing expensive suit and cravatte.

    Just one final point of interest from this months BMJ!

    EHOs have exceptionally strong arms in proportion to the rest of their bodies. They had to have, to crawl out of the abortion bucket!

    Techs rule.......................
  9. I agree Cryptotermes, it is not appropriate to compare ourselves with LA EHO's, but the Life of Grime image of local authority EH Departments is what the majority of the population (including the Army) thinks when someone mentions Environmental Health.

    Hopefully for infrastructure Div's the proposed LANDSO on Environmental Health (EH) Support to Land Command Formation and Units will redress the balance somewhat.
  11. The problem OR, is that a certain number of techs/EHO's perpetuate this image .

    Crypto has it spot on - we are internal consultants
  12. Don’t sit on the fence; just tell it how it forgot gold tie pin and half rim glasses..............................cravette!!!? is that a type of crustacean or do you mean cravat? See this is why you need EHOs, or EHPs whatever they're calling themselves this week............
  13. Drainsniffer, there is me thinking that a gynaecologist was an internal consultant.

    But I do agree agree with the sentiments we are not the EH police, but changing that perception of the trade is taking time.
  14. How the fcuk am I supposed to know how to spell the 'tie-thing'.

    Your lucky I'm still here, Mesh wash oupen att lunnchhhh....zzz.zzzzzzz
  15. wearing an expensive suit? I think not.....a burtons special i think so!!