EHO Application and Requirements

Afternoon all,

I am considering applying for Environmental Health Officer, and am wondering about the educational requirements.

The page at Role Finder - British Army Website only mentions Territorial recruits, who require BSc in Environmental Health + membership of CIEH. I could assume that this is the same for Officer applications....but I hate assumptions! Does anyone on here know the definitive answer to this?

I currently have my NEBOSH Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health and am working towards chartered status, but I wanted to diversify and am preparing to undertake the NEBOSH diploma in Environmental Management, which is rated at the same level as a BSc. Would either of these count as a relevant qualifications?

Thanks in advance
You will need to be registered with EHRB (which means an accredited degree in Env Hlth and have passed the CIEH ELP, professional exams and professional interview. Membership of CIEH is not required, they must mean EHRB?)

Your existing qualifications will not get you a job as a military Env Hlth Officer, have you considered joining as a Env Hlth Tech (soldier ranks, rather than officer ranks)?

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