Ehnanced Learning Credits

I've discovered that it is possible for those of us that missed the window to claim for the above, can now apply to be registered.
Problem is that you can't claim for 4 years.
I know there was a route to claim for this on the basis of not being told about the scheme but a clerk told me that everyone was told as it was on our payslip.
Well thats a really inaqequate form of communication so under what circumstances (if any) could you have your registration back dated?
No one from our unit at the time told any of us about the scheme so we didn't register.
Does anyone know of a way to get this registration backdated, or knows of anyone successful in doing this?
Thanks for anyone who can help with this!
There is a retrospective registration form, pm me and I will send you it but it has to be in thus month and signed by your unit and an IERO
Its easily done...I was told when i started Resettlement 4 years ago I couldn't claim ELC after a mess up in Germany where majority of my LAD didnt get Registered. However after getting extended and resently starting the Resettlement process again before I even mentioned it my IERO told three other seniors and myself that we werent Registered and to fill out the form mentioned above. A few Signatures later he sent it away and I have now recieved a letter back stating im entitled. A big well done to the Resettlement officer and a lot of hope to the 1000s like you who didnt recieve I would look at the form and speak with your local AEC.
I did speak to a local AEC and she told me bluntly that I was told because it was on our payslips for a year so it can't be used as an excuse so I don't reckon she'll be very helpful Iron.
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