Exactly when did this forum become so bloody dull? There used to be a lot of banter, reminiscing and tall storys to entertain one and all. Now it seems to have turned in to help group for the terminally morbid!

If you cant be arrsed to ask the recruiting office how many press ups you have to do on recruit selection, then may suggest that you bore-off! This also applys to the Walt fraternity who would like to know how many FFD's (etc.) that were used in the hundred years war. YAWN.

*edit due to p!ss poor spelling whilst having a rant*
And as a newbee observing what seemed to be an invisible force wanting to make arrse “a place where you can bring the kids whilst having a pint of creme-de-menth”.
Who’s coat is that jacket? Oh err mine. Thanks. Taxi
Haemo-whatsits and DG's letters are never going to be exciting topics. But surely there must be more to talk about that policy?
Red Arrse's failure to grasp the basics of English grammar, syntax and spelling are enough entertainment for most mere mortals. :lol:

My guilty conscience brings to mind my 'Joint Medical Command' thread that has been roundly and deservedly ignored by one and all. Mind you, I was hoping for a bit of gratuitous inter-Service sniping at the very idea of doing anything "Joint". :twisted:

Remember folks - for Purple read Khaki :wink:
Sorry Red Arrse, I know I'm boring, but I didn't realise I was boring enough to kill off the entire thread!

Oops :oops:

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