EH or MH?

Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by LeSAUSAGE, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. I'm a nurse and would like to transfer to Mental health nursing or enviromental health. Is this possible? I have recently qualified - and reckon this could be a problem (3yr pay back)! Dont want to leave the Army but clinical nursing is not for me! Did well in training but developed these feelings in my 3rd year! Thought I would have a change of heart when I was in the thick of things - BUT this has not happened! Or should I leave?

    Dont feel I can speak to anyone within the QAs!
  2. EH would be a difficult downward transfer (no disrespect to my good friends in EH) but not impossible

    MH is a lateral transfer - four weeks of placement to assess your suitablity, then the paperchase. You need to find your own course, with accom at no cost (check out Preston - you could live in 5GS lines)

    ask Sluicedweller for advice - shes been in every grey dress imaginable
  3. Why would EH be a downward transfer - its degree level (now?)! Isnt it?
    Do you mean its on a lower pay band?

    I understand MH being a laterall move across- but why the need for looking for my own course if they already offer it at RCDM.

    The bit I'm concerned about is the fact I haven't finished my pay back yet!

    5GS and accomodation in the same sentence! lol

  4. snobbery would be the easiest way of putting it - I know many an EH and hopefully havent upset them with the comment.

    corps to corps transfer is lateral transfer. The mafia will try and persuade you to remain within the corps. Its quite a change of path from nursing to EH

    corps to regt transfer is extremely difficult, as it is deemed a downwards move

    the army allowed you your choice of career because of the results of your BARB test etc. PQ cadre requires intelligent recruits because of the entry requirement to commence nurse trg .
  5. I am slightly confused by some of your terminology! Corps to regt - RAMC and QARANC are both corps! Or do I misinterpret what you have written?

    PQ cadre? Never heard of them! Excuse my ignorance.

    What about payback!?

    Are you a nurse? Or are you in the AMS! I was Ex RAMC and fear they wont let me transfer back!
  6. Not sure that EH is a downward step from the grey mafia. We have TFIs from varied trades from Inf, REME, AGC, Int Corps and even a chef!!!

    The cse is now foundation degree level and all ranks above Cpl, except SSgt and WO1, are on higher band.

    If you need info on the trade PM me, or one of the other sniffers that lurk on here.
  7. BedPan never backed that one up! Was interested to know why they felt that way!
  8. PQ Cadre - professionally qualified cadre, as in ODPs RNs EHTs etc

    Transfers are difficult, as it is upto your respective desk in Glasgow - not you or your CO (they only recommend/do not recommend)

    Transfer is usually a one-way, once in a lifetime event - but a few get away with two transfers in a life.

    Im simply pointing out to you that it will be difficult.

    Inf transfer to Corps is an upward transfer, Corps to Inf etc is classed as a downward transfer (hence my reference to BARB test result)

    Me Sir, AMS Sir ?? twenty years man n boy, man n boy
  9. I was under the impression that the person's regt/corps had no option but to let u go if you wanted to transfer! The issue was with the regt you were transfering to - they could only decide to refuse or except u!

    Am I wrong?

    Thanks for the pointers though!

  10. All cap badges can be as fussy as they like, as there is no shortage of people wanting to transfer and they can take the 'pick of the bunch'

    If your trade is a 'pinchpoint' then your MCM Div can say no to your transfer.

    If you want to transfer - best you make yourself the best transferee they have ever seen
  11. Le Sausage - if you want any information about going Mental Health give me a shout - been there go the t-shirt

  12. is that the t-shirt with the long sleeves and big buckles at the back ? :eye:
  13. Ssssshhhhhhhhhhh - you promised that you wouldn't tell anyone about that! I told you that in confidence!!!! ;-)
  14. I've sent you a PM.