EH LANDSO - A thing of dreams

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Mutley_Macc_Ladd, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. When I was a young boy! Many moons ago, slim, with only one divorce behind me, I used to dream of ale, wet & loose women and hitting a Lucky 15 on a saturday afternoon.

    Several years later, I peer at my 'beautiful' wife, my kids, my Rover and all I can think of at night is where are my terms of reference?

    How hard can it be, to put pen to paper and write down what we do. Not very! Come on draineees sort it out?

    Lines of development my arsse!

    LANDSO 5099923 dated 33 Mayarch 2034
  2. Would love to comment on where our terms of reference are, but I've not been divirced yet so I don't count as a real Tech

    I can see the comments from the other AMS CEGs already
  3. paragraph 45.13

    upon arrival at site of complaint,


    carry out risk assessment,


    retreat to the nearest ECHOS or Starbucks and evaluate previous situation
  4. you forgot that para 45.10 requires you to carry out a management meeting in said establishment first, coffee provided for free because you overlooked a couple of shortcomings, then retreat to nearest pub/naffi bar then evaluate situation.

    your right in recommending a risk assessment though
  5. TOR's? A Job Spec would be nice!!! (I'm still waiting for some Induction Trg myself ...?!)

    At least with TOR's our deployed Tech's will be able to explain why they are not there to do UEHD tasks. Might save them from being 'ordered' to swingfog Unit locations. Or maybe that will still happen - would anyone like to comment?!

    LACORS issue guidance to Local Authority EH Departments, why have we not got the equivalent? Although some LA EHP's feel they are too prescriptive and intrusive, some written/formal guidance is better than nothing?

    Any chance this LANDSO might be available before I terminate my service next year? Might save us having to write our own policy documents at Team level. Or worse than that: not write any documents at Team level! Certainly makes sense having everyone singing off the same page.

    I'm not divorced yet either so I'm not a real EH Tech, is that what has been holding up promotion?!!!

    Happy Easter Sniffers !!!
  6. I cannot think of another job where you get taught 'its a black art?'

    What the fcuk does that mean. Does the TO at Keogh include that sh1te in his training objectives!

    The CoC should put this to bed and train the techs to do not only Op role but also the infrastructure role. Nobody knows how to do an OME or whatever it is called now?

    its no wonder QMs hate EH inspections!!!
  7. I remember getting taught the 'black art' sh1t by an old SO3 years ago. What these old timers do not appreciate is that it no longer a black art with all of the available IT systems.

    Lets face it, if you type something into google it gives you a pretty goods heads up on a subject!

    You cannot bluff your case anymore, and the majority of mentally sub-normal, higher rate of pay, parasites that I work with do not want to bluff any more. they want to be competent!

    J_Bob is right, come on and sort out the training and management issues!
  8. It could be worse, you could be where I am. Im still sorting out where and who I work for, let alone what I do when I get there
  9. I know how to do an OME, should do I've done enough of them. Your right though didn't get tought any of it in training, brought the knowledge of CMT cobined it with a bit of AMS doctrine and bluffed my case for a while. Then read a sh1t load of SGPLs and finally had an understanding of what we were doing, and whoa and behold nothing to do with"EH"
  10. Have none of you studied AB's thingymajig of EH (you know, the one that looks like a diagram for the layout of a satanists' convention! ). :twisted:

    From that, it is quite clear what we do! Come on lads, it's bread and butter stuff....... :D

    Errrr, I think! :oops:
  11. I study the thingymajig every night, I had it blown up to A3 and put on a poster my Geo Br. It never fails to send me to sleep!!!

    Pity I lost 10 ponts on my class three by not being able to remember the sodding thing
  12. Now that we're a multi-cultural, PC cadre, can we still use this term? I thought it was only taught those "mature" fellas of my era in preparartion to take over from the "Dark Lord".

    The EH Func LANDSO is in the post (well almost). If you ask 5 EHOs for their opinions on something, you get 10 answers!! Not matter how barking the comments/opinion, they have to be looked at, hence the delay. The LANDSO will basically tell the wider Land community what EH can deliver, without being overly perscriptive. The "meat" will be in the form of a series of Div Working Practices which various teams are producing - over to you guys!
  13. It was discussed at the EHMC last week.

    Medical Force Protection Matrix now renamed as EH Dark Arts Ouija Board - but you didn't hear that from me, roight :wink:
  14. Stop talking about what was and what was not said at the EHMC, it pisses off the tech rep.

    I heard a rumour from 2 MI Bn lads that the contents will be released in the next GCHQ newsletter. Fcuk me it must be good if its so TS?

    Remember knowledge is power!
  15. I sense the "force" is strong in drainsniffer. Knowledge is indeed power, seek out the RoDs from the EHMC and you will gain further knowledge.................