Egyption Executions

Years ago I was drinking in a bar in Cairo, I got chatting to a local in there and we ended up talking about careers. The bloke asked me what I did, Then I asked him.

" I am a prison officer in Cairo main prison" he said.

"really?" I said "is it a good job?"

"Well good is not the word I would use, but is a very worthwhile job"

"What exactly do you do?" I asked

"I work in the execution chamber" he said

I told him that I did not really agree with capital punishment as it is inhumane and rarely quick. he told me;

"In Egypt we have the electric chair, twenty-five thousand volts of electricity surge through the body in a millisecond (He spoke good English this Arab) the prisoner will feel nothing, he dies immediately"

I asked how many executions were carried a year, he told me around one a month. "in fact" he said, "I am doing one at midnight tonight"

This bloke then finished his drink said his goodbye's and left for work.
I did not think anything more about it until later when I left the bar. My walk back to my hotel took me right past the wall of the prison, I happened to glance at my watch and noticed it was bang on midnight. Some poor fucker is getting it I thought to myself. Just then there was an ear-splitting scream from the prison, on and on it went geting louder and louder. I couldn't take the sound of someone in agony any longer and rushed of to my nice comfortable 4 star hotel roon with air-con, sat tv and mini bar.

The next day I happened to be in the same bar as I had been in the day before and in walked the prison officer.
"did you execute that bloke at midnight last night?" I asked him.

"Yes we did" he replied

"You told me it was painless" I said "but as I walked past the prison last night at midnight, I heard terrible screams of agony that went and on, What do you say to that?"

"I can explain that " he said





"last night at midnight there was a power cut, so we had to finish him off by candle!"

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