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Egyptian Helmets!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Toptotty, Feb 4, 2011.

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  1. This is my favourite. Whatever happened to small children turning up to A&E with saucepans stuck on their heads? [​IMG]
    Did it only ever happen in comic books?
  2. Here's an Egyptian helmet.....


    ....found in a second dynasty tomb!
  3. serious question guys, i was watching Louis theroux on telly last night in isreal and all the isreali soldiers hadbags on their helmets what was all that about, they looked a bit funny but ey they didnt seem to mind getting stuck in. cheers guys Jennixx
  4. thanks mark!! is it better than what we use cos when ours are full of twigs and leaves surely that does the same job. dont they flap around over the eyes a lot? They just seem to be a bit impracticle but they must work if they still use them. i aso saw they only wear one colour camoflage whereas everyone else seems to have dpm - is what they wear special to wear they operate cos i dont suppose the isrealis can really deploy anywhere else can they?
  5. This fucker taking it to extremes, he's got a fence on his back!
  6. Leaves and twigs tend to be a bullet magnet in the middle of the Negev desert!
  7. Is he wearing a life vest?
  8. I've wondered that myself, the cover is made of some sort of mesh, it would be easy enough to gather at the back with a safety pin. Stockpot Boy is smarter than he looks; who could stop laughing long enough to fire an aimed shot at him?
  9. Some additional innovative headware :?


    and the dangers of giving out packed lunches...
  10. More than the choice of PPE, he's got the Edmund Blackadder moustache, and a thousand-yard stare - how hard is that?
  11. I'm hoping to see one of these after prayers today.

  12. Taking no chances, what with global warming and the off chance of a rerun of the biblical plagues I'm surprised he hasn't got a BFO Locust swatter
  13. Hey life vests are the absolute pinnacle of PPE for all discerning rioters.