Egyptian Fatwa

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Slightly old news, apologies if it has been posted previously.

The mufti also offended many by saying that 26 Egyptian illegal migrants who drowned trying to reach Europe were the victims of their own greed rather than martyrs.
Not really sure why any sensible person would be offended by the above (although the timing may have been insensitive - see article).

Another fatwa is also mentioned in the link.

The nationwide debate about fatwas was sparked in the May when an al-Azhar professor ruled that male and female work colleagues can only be left alone together if she has breastfed him at least five times. The fatwa was later retracted.
I think there should be a fatwah on fatwahs - or chould that be fatwahi? In any case, I'm offended. 8O
In that case, I must have been on a Jihad for the past ten years!

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