Egypt , do you give a s**te?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CptDanjou, Jul 9, 2013.

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  1. I absolutely fed up of the media bombarding us 24/7 with Egypt's problems , surely other things happen in the world , personally I don't give a shite what they get up to , its not going to affect us in the UK , they are all as mad as each other so let them get on with , just my view.
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  2. I am constantly fed up of the news showing utter drivel from alles uber der platz as if it's something interesting to us over here on this tiny island.
    What's even worse is reading it in some god forsaken shite red topped rag, found in the back of a taxi, which doesn't bother to tell you the incident happened in some far away place like China or New Zealand until you've read three quarters of the article and wasted 20 mins of your day.
    Pointless and shit gripping!
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  4. Let them get on with it. Arabs knocking off other Arabs. So what.

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  5. No..........
  6. The only people who might be remotely interested in whether some rag head deposes some other cabriolet cunt, are those who've booked a holiday there and the twats that jumped on the band wagon and bought a legoland property there.
    Those fuckers should use the t'interweb to find out what's going on in that shit hole, not have the news clogged up for us to wade through.
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  7. Ermmm, [wah shield up] has no one grasped the fact the if it all goes very tits up us poor fuckers will be doing something about it? [wah shield down]
  8. What have the Egyptians ever done for us other than give people diarrhoea.
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  9. Same shite with that bloody park in Turkey , somehow the cnuts who edit the news seem to think its more important than all the shite that happens at home.
  10. The media have to justify their 24hr rolling news programmes. Am sure Bigeye will be able to give us an insiders view.
    Bet Egyptian state tv wasn't giving daily updates on what was happening in NI when the paddies were kicking tell bells out of each other.

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  11. Most of what passes for news at home, is usually something a long the lines of which celebrity slapper Harry "No direction" Styles is shafting.
    To me that's not news. It's gossip that split arses wibble about on a latte break!
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  12. Ban holidays to these shit holes, build big walls around them. They can fight forever and then some.
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  13. My bold - Then fill the space with quick drying cement!
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  14. Tolerant little man aren't you?

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  15. It's the internet.
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