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Egypt claims compensation - over WWII?

Though there has always been assistance with clearing the battlefields of Egypt, there are now renewed claims for finance for clearance, and, compensation for those injured by old munitions.

Old report of 2007


”An area of 2,800 square kilometres is still contaminated, a thirty-kilometre wide swath between El Alamein, some 60 kilometres west of Alexandria, and the Libyan border. This is a region inhabited primarily by Bedouins, the ones who most frequently fall prey to the leftover ammunition today.

According to the NGO "Landmine Monitor," there have been 8,313 mine-related casualties in this region since 1982, including 619 deaths. As can be observed again and again whenever natural disasters or accidents occur, however, the Egyptian government evidently does not place much importance on its own citizens. It has done little to help the victims to date.

Who is going to pay? The program is already short 1.1 million dollars for the first phase. According to El Shazly, the army estimates that the cost of clearing the mines will come to around 250 million dollars.

The Ministry for International Co-operation estimates that some 22 percent of Egypt's terrain has been rendered unusable due to ammunition still buried underground. This area also harbours around 4.8 billion barrels of crude oil and 3.8 billion cubic meters of natural gas, El Shazly maintains.”

Britain contributes @ 15M a year to a global mine clearing programme. But, ”Egypt is not exactly setting a good example with its mine removal efforts. It refused to sign the Ottawa Anti-Mine Convention in 1997.

The reason behind this can be found in the Egyptian army's security concerns. Little about this issue is allowed to become public, but the fact is that the vested interests of the military are still inviolable in this country.”

johnboyzzz said:
Maybe we should charge Egypt rental for the mines, that would help clear some of the money we owe
Could be a plan. Though the Bedouins aren't too happy. In fact they're jumping up and down with anger.
mistersoft - " - No.9 - Old report of 2007

Old post of 2010. :)


That's why I pointed out the background story quoted was 'old' :roll:

However, the news report concerning a claim on Britain - as in petitioning GB with a Class action - is NEW. Though it received @ a 5 minute report on early BBC news, it doesn't appear to have made it to daytime - yet - hence it was not possible to give readers a current report.

But, even if the BBC decide not to run further with this, I have found their report origin tucked away with doesn't appear to Google?

The current report is at

"The detonator could have been of Italian or German origin but Abdulaziz blames the British.

"It was their battle," he said. "They brought the war to Egypt."

Correcting my initial post, British annual contribution is $15M not £15M

"I suggest they send the bill to the Germans. Or would they rather the Germans had won? "

My 80 ish German friend worked in Egypt in mid 60's. He says Germans where very welcome and where usually asked, Why didn't you come in 42 ?

Frankly we have a responsibility to help out here and I would be quite happy for my taxes to go towards a clean-up of a mess we "had to" cause both here or elsewhere. Combatants are fair game but when its ordinary folk in the shitter, I would not like to think we would turn a blind eye. On the other hand though, I was reading that we have tried to sort this out once before with some scheme but Egypt wanted none of it.

I am in favour of ze germans actually doing the donkey work though. I know people harp on about letting history pass but I would rather keep reminding people of their history and that not only because the world loves to remind the English of ours.
jonwilly said:
"I suggest they send the bill to the Germans. Or would they rather the Germans had won? "

My 80 ish German friend worked in Egypt in mid 60's. He says Germans where very welcome and where usually asked, Why didn't you come in 42 ?

Germans were welcomed in Egypt then because they brought the skills which informed Egypt's defence industry and their rocketry programmes.

The answer as to why they didn't come in '42? They hadn't lost yet...or had to leave Germany due to war crimes indictments!
seaweed said:
I suggest they send the bill to the Germans. Or would they rather the Germans had won?

It's the Italians that should foot the bill. Africa was their show, the Germans got asked over to bail the useless muppets out and the Italians always made up the bulk of the axis forces there anyway.
Bloody Hell........they made a fortune from scrap........I remember an order telling us not to take any more spares from the desert because some wealthy Egyptian had bought it, that was back in 47. :?

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