Egypt Air Flight missing

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ThunderBox, May 19, 2016.

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  1. Ok, you refuse to say which questions you think I can't answer and I can't see which questions you refer to.

    It's not really important. Readers will judge for themselves.
  2. Enough of this silly posturing and childish squabbling, or the thread will be locked.
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  3. I'll go with that.
  4. It remains my professional opinion that foul play brought down the Egyptair Air A320. Nothing else makes much sense. It's a very mature type now, they don't catch fire and lose control like that.

    Me this morning.

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  5. Before its asked - Yes that does appear to be TLS
  6. Without mentioning any names, I wonder if an ostrich has dropped a decent sized egg on his face?

    Egyptair crash: no trace of explosives on victims, says French newspaper

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  7. No professional standing to protect then? Much

    A predecessor of yours worked for De Haviland in the 50's had pretty much the same point of view until facts had to change it.
  8. There were 15 French bodies recovered and the French security team found no explosive residue on those bodies. Doesn't mean there wasn't an explosive device on board or outside of the pressure hull/cabin.

    There's a lot of smoke and mirrors here. The French don't want to suggest Paris airport security is compromised. What's for certain is that no other A320 has just fallen out of the sky without a single radio call or distress squawk either before or after this incident. It was foul play for sure.
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  9. To go further on this one, reports now surfacing are saying that the fire started in the cockpit, with the theory being a smartphone or tablet overcharging and going "woof". The reports are saying that an iPhone 6 or iPad mini 4 was placed on an instrument panel where the fire is believed to have started, based on cctv images seen, which then had it's battery let go.

    Certainly more plausible than the "(not a) bomb" stated by one particular person, who must be running out of tinfoil by now....

  10. Whereas I'm aware that you can get a spectacular "woof" out of a burning battery, I'd find it hard to believe that such a localised and very obvious event could spread out of control on the relatively un-flammable surface of an instrument panel, given that it'd have the full attention of a crew whose lives depended upon containing it.

    If the instrument panel was indeed the source of a fire, presumably that'd be more likely an incendiary device concealed within the cabinets or a cabling fire that remained hidden long enough to take hold.
  11. First, it would not be easy to place something there, second point is "Do you realise the heat released in a lithium battery fire" (600° is possible) as that heat would be conducted through any metal panels and into the wiring fairly quickly (plastic panels would not last long).

    And that's before the difficulty in putting such a fire out, the noxious fumes released, etc.

    Still much more believable than any "deliberate action", especially as, to date, not a single terrorist organisation has claimed responsibility.
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  12. I would have gone with that theory until you said it was an Apple product. Now, if it were Samsung then that would be different!

    TBH, I've no idea if the pilots could effectively fight the fire in the cockpit? Interesting points raised there HB.
    600'c battery fire? Indeed, will cause significant damage very quick. Not sure if cockpit fire extinguishers could defeat phone battery fire?
    Noxious fumes? Yep, but the pilots have dedicated oxygen supply to get past that?
    600'c fire burning thorough thin instrument panels etc and destroying system wiring? Possibility?

    Any flight eng SMEs to help with the theory?
  13. ooh its left hand drive !
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  14. I see. So my iPad catches fire. Nasty. Immediate actions:

    Don oxygen mask
    Initiate emergency descent
    Turn to nearest runway declaring mayday
    Get cabin crew to the flightdeck to firefight, cockpit BCF probably already being used by FO.

    Yet none of this happened.

    It's not only terrorists who bring down civair flights. State agencies also do so and never claim responsibility.
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