Egypt Air Flight missing

I see. So my iPad catches fire. Nasty. Immediate actions:

Don oxygen mask
Initiate emergency descent
Turn to nearest runway declaring mayday
Get cabin crew to the flightdeck to firefight, cockpit BCF probably already being used by FO.

Yet none of this happened.

It's not only terrorists who bring down civair flights. State agencies also do so and never claim responsibility.

Interesting comment ref State agencies bringing down flights, can you supply some examples.
To go further on this one, reports now surfacing are saying that the fire started in the cockpit, with the theory being a smartphone or tablet overcharging and going "woof". The reports are saying that an iPhone 6 or iPad mini 4 was placed on an instrument panel where the fire is believed to have started, based on cctv images seen, which then had it's battery let go.

Certainly more plausible than the "(not a) bomb" stated by one particular person, who must be running out of tinfoil by now....

You wrote about 'reports surfacing' last Thursday.

So I linked back to a six month old actual report by the actual investigating authority actually claiming to have found actual forensic evidence of actual explosives.

Where is your surfaced report?

In the years now since this incident there have been millions of Airbus A320 flights. Not a single one experienced a spontaneous PED battery fire so severe it incapacitated the crew, precluded any comms and brought down the aircraft. I storingky suspect there will be millions and millions more flights before 'it' ever happens again.
Oh, my post listing state backed Downing if airliners has been deleted because one of the examples was a link to the Daily Mail article covering it. Never mind.

Think Lockerbie and gaddaffi etc

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