Egypt Air Flight missing

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ThunderBox, May 19, 2016.

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  1. EgyptAir flight 'disappears from radar' - BBC News

    Just reporting now, from Paris to Cairo.

    It says flight MS804 lost contact with radar at 02:45 Cairo time.

    The plane was at 37,000 ft and disappeared 80 miles (around 10 minutes) before entering Egyptian airspace.
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  2. It's out of fuel by now and still overdue so it's definitely down.

    Three security agents on board. And about sixty passengers so I would have thought hijack unlikely. Went missing 10 miles (1 minute) inside Egyptian airspace - well transponder stopped transmitting.

    Not good.
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  3. News channels here in the US are saying no weather problems in the area.
    One station said US Navy is sending resources to the area but it was unclear if they were talking about ships or planes.
  4. Given the amount off Navy assets in the area for the migrant crises I would imagine they'll be able to get a few ships in the area sharpish.
  5. BBC saying whatever happened it must have been a, "Catastrophic event". In other words, it was so fast there was no chance to send any distress signal.
  6. BBC saying they are sending ships to a specific area, so they must have a good idea where the poor buggers went down.
  7. Last known position on the ADS-B @ 00:29:30

  8. The New York Times cites Ehab Mohy el-Deen, head of the Egyptian air navigation authority.

    He says Greek air traffic controllers notified their Egyptian counterparts that they had lost contact with the plane, the NYT reports.

    They did not radio for help or lose altitude. They just vanished.

    He said it was too early to speculate on causes and outcomes, “but this is not normal, of course”.
  9. Got to be a bomb on board or a missile. 37,000ft means you'd need more than a Manpad and you'd be looking to launch from a boat and in that area the Pentagon would have a satellite trained on you about three seconds after the mx launch was detected by the NRO.

    So I would go with time/barometric triggered bomb. Million dollar question being was it planted in Cairo or in Paris...
  10. Please bear in mind that sites like flight radar 24 which show ADS B data is not what ATC are using to track the aircraft. ADS B has very limited use by ATC.
  11. Yeah, I know, but it's pretty accurate nonetheless - with the exception of some 'speshul' stuff that's time delayed.
  12. As long as you ignore the fact - its predicted position over water out of ground station range which results in some odd effects as aircraft again become tracked and FR24 reconciles predicted and actual position and of course that not all aircraft have ADSB.
  13. Don't rule out Ship launched anti air missile - havn't the Americans done that before (by mistake).

    Suicide by pilot

    Catastrophic failure

    I tend to agree its likely a bomb though.

    Could it have been the aircraft was descending for landing and overland or would Flight Radar have picked it up?
  14. Not aware of any delay (you can plug an ADS B aerial into your PC at home for a very few quid and pick up the signals yourself), military aircraft are not equipped with ADS B squitters (except some transports). Last time I checked the figures in the London region only 92% of aircraft had ADS B, outside Europe it'll be a lot less particularly with older aircraft.
  15. Yeah, I know that as well, but it's a good indicator of likely area to start searching in (if there's nothing else to go by) - not that naval assets will be using FR24 or Planefinder.
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