Eggy Bread - Its gonna kill me

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Closet_Jibber, Sep 4, 2009.

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  1. There is no doubt about it. Eggy bread is just about the nicest thing you can throw on when you're having a big fatty breakfast. As soon as it touches my lips it transports me into the drivers cab of an Eddie Stobart truck and I imagine myself wearing the same T shirt I had on when I went to bed last night and smoking 60 a day with one arm more tanned than the other.

    Lately I have found myself eating a little bit more of it than I probably should and to be honest if I'm not careful the above could become a reality. Now to drop eating it all together would be like selling my soul so;

    My question is:

    How can I make it that little bit healthier or bring it into evening meal form (I.E dump the Sausage and Bacon)?

    At the moment I do the following:

    Bread (Slice x 2, eating for the use of)
    Eggs x 2 (Free range ofcourse)
    Small splash of milk
    Tiny sprinkles of salt
    Half tea spoon of butter per slice.

    Bread gets soaked in egg - Butter goes in pan. Bread follows butter. 1 minute either side. Add whatever I've decided to eat it with (Sausage, Bacon, Ham, even chicken when I've been desperate) Done!

    Any ideas fellow wannabe chefs?
  2. Mwahahaha...add a tadge of sugar and some vanilla essence to the eggs, fry in foaming butter then lift onto a plate of caster sugar and cinnamon to coat! Doughnut flavoured eggy bread...its for winners!

    But not remotely healthy sorry :D
  3. Simple. Eat your fix. Go out for a little run. Done Oh and by the way Doughnut eggy bread? Thats pure genius!!! I am now very much considering throwing away cottage pie and heating up some butter on the stove! Can you blame me?? :D
  4. I didn't get this big eating cucumber :D
  5. 8O

    You will be the death of me. I've never even considered it as a sweet. I'm gonna die in a pool of my own vomit 300lbs over weight!
  6. I like mine with maple cured bacon between each slice of eggy bread and covered with decent maple syrup.

    Fecking delish!!!!
  7. I'll join you! MrC can vouch for my love of all things lardy!!
  8. I always put a good slug of Worcester Sauce in the egg mix, it adds a little 'bite' to the finished product.
  9. Cheese and Ham Eggy bread is a nice alternative

    8 slices white bread with added fibre
    A little butter for spreading
    4 slices of ham
    50g (2oz) Cheddar, sliced
    5 large Lion quality eggs
    salt and freshly ground black pepper
    3tbsp oil for frying

    1. Spread the slices of bread on one side with a little butter, then make four ham and cheese sandwiches in the normal way. Beat the eggs with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Dip two sandwiches in the egg, letting it soak in a little.
    2. Heat half the oil in a large non-stick frying pan, then add the sandwiches to the hot frying pan. Cook for 3 Min's until the base is golden, then carefully turn over with a spatula. Cook for a further 3 Min's or until golden on the base.
    4. Transfer to a plate and keep warm. Repeat to make the remaining sandwiches in the same way. Serve cut in half with a few cherry tomatoes if liked.
  10. Spread the still-hot eggy bread, fresh from the pan, with Marmite :D

    That is the taste of my childhood!

    Still doesn't make it any more healthy, but adds fewer calories than bacon/sugar/maple syrup etc.
  11. Ahh. The healthy version! Sounds like a bloody good recipe though. But I am a fan of the foaming butter rather than oil.
  12. I was introduced to eggy bread for brekkie by a girlfriend after a night of lurv. Eggy bread followed by a tussle on the sofa.
    It's the only way you are going to lose weight with it and it comes highly reccomended. 8)
  13. Err. Freedom toast?
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I made it the other day but useing large Norn Iron Pancakes & half a soda farl.
    Try spreading the pancake with Nuttella before dipping...