Eggs For Soldiers

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by naguere, May 27, 2011.

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  1. Tesco are marketing Six Free Range eggs for £1.68,

    15pence of it goes towards supporting the wounded

    This is a Help for Heroes endorsed product.

    And in a nifty green tactical egg box for free.
  2. oh reminds me I need to get some eggs for my omelette in the morning ........think it may be Spanish Omelette this weekend for a change - I usually have mushroom on a Saturday
  3. I can get 15 of the basic range for the same amount. The fact that they've been wrung out of a featherless, listless, urine-burned chicken bothers me not a jot.
  4. Shouldn't this be 'Soldiers for Eggs' I love my Toast Soldiers for my Eggs, I'm really not interested where the Eggs come from, only where they're bound for.

    Good thought on Tesco's behalf, though!
  5. Has anyone ever made an egg banjo with an ostriche egg? Just curious as to the size of the bread required when the egg is laid out in a feck off huge frying pan
  6. When you've cracked the egg in the frying pan drop some chopped up chilli on it and serve on toast.

    On the value point, not really good.
  7. Have you seen the thighs on they Ostriches, instant wood!