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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spice2, Apr 6, 2011.

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  1. US Withdrawal of warplanes puts pressure especially on France

    So the British government follow blindly behind the US and poke thier nose in shit that is not thier buisiness and now the US are withdrawing planes.......leaving Britain & France to lead the push.

    Well the frog lovers are hardly renowned for thier unswaying commitment are they so it looks like we may have bit off more than we can chew......get the fcuk out now before more troops suffer.
  2. Is Canada not involved, plus Italy and lots of other airforces? Plus the Yanks can still launch aircraft, they just need to be asked politely to put them in the air.
  3. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    My bold. Since Britain and France led the drive for intervention in Libya you are wrong
  4. More on this:

    Nato lacking strike aircraft for Libya campaign | World news |
  5. (Reuters) - European and U.S. forces have unleashed warplanes and cruise missiles against Libyan targets under a U.N. Security Council resolution authorizing military action to protect civilians from leader Muammar Gaddafi's forces.

    U.S. and British ships and submarines fired more than 110 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Libyan targets to take out their air defenses.

    Me thinks the US were actualy involved bouillabaisse??
  6. He didn't say they weren't involved, just that the US weren't leading it.
  7. US-led coalition pound Libya, defiant Gaddafi vows ‘long war’
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    Tripoli/Cairo, Mar 20: The US and European forces today unleashed over 100 Tomahawk cruise missiles on Libyan military targets in Tripoli and along the Mediterranean coast as their war planes pounded forces of Muammar Gaddafi who vowed to retaliate against western “aggression” and the “war on Islam”.
    At least 112 Tomahawk missiles were fired from American and British ships and submarines in Operation Odyssey Dawn (OOD), targeting some 20 Libyan air and missile defence targets in Tripoli and western city of Misurata, US Navy Vice Admiral William Gortney said at a Pentagon briefing in Washington.
    India and Russia came out against the strikes. India said it regrets the air strikes that are taking place and wanted measures to be taken to mitigate and not exacerbate the already difficult situation for the Libyan people.
    Moscow pushed for an end to “indiscriminate use of force” by the US-led forces and said the intervention in Libya has been “adopted (by the UNSC) in haste”.
    French jets fired the first shots in OOD, the biggest international military intervention in the Arab world since the 2003 invasion of Iraq, destroying tanks and armoured vehicles in eastern Libya, Al-Jazeera reported.
    Libyan state television said 48 civilians have been killed and 150 wounded as a result of this “aggression”. It claimed most of the casualties were children but gave no details. There was no independent confirmation about the death toll.
    BBC quoted UK Finance Minister George Osborne as saying that such claims should be treated with caution as the military was striving to avoid civilian casualties.
    Heavy firing and explosion were heard in several parts of the Libyan capital.
    Al-Jazeera quoted an unnamed US military officials as saying that “Gaddafi’s air defence systems have been severely disabled. It’s too soon to predict what he and his ground forces may do in response to today’s strikes”.
    Despite the reverses, a defiant Gaddafi slammed the West for the “aggression”, saying “We will not leave our land and liberate it.”
    Warning that it will be a “long war”, he said: “We will fight for every square in our land”.
    “We will die as martyrs,” he said in his roughly 15-minute address, the second since the air raids began on Saturday after the UN Security Council gave its nod for ‘no fly’ zone over Libya to halt Gaddafi’s air powers against rebels.
    The Council move had come after international outrage over Gaddafi’s forces pounding rebel-held positions including Benghazi, Misurata, Tobruk and Ajdabiya.
    Claiming that the Libyan “people are behind him and ready for all-out war”, Gaddafi threatened to throw open defence supplies to arm civilians to defend the country.
    “It is now necessary to open the stores and arm all the masses with all types of weapons to defend the independence, unity and honour of Libya,” 68-year-old Gaddafi said in his audio message broadcast.
    He drew parallel to other US-led wars, including Vietnam, saying the air attacks by French, US and British forces amounted to a “war on Islam”,

    I read that as the British and French led the air strikes but the coalition is U.S led at command level???
  8. Did I read somewhere that Jordan has sent aircraft to join the air attack?
  9. **** me, that bitch gets everywhere!!!!
  10. I knew that I should have clarified!!
  11. Operationally, it was led by the US. Politically, much of the pressure came from the UK and France. We certainly didn't "follow blindly", as you made out in your initial post.
  12. Sorry, my bad! :)
  13. Sarkozy and David Camereon were the lead men on this. The Chimp didn't want to get involved in a civil war in a Muslim country that didn't threaten us. It was Sarkozy's enthusiasm for the project as well as the Gang of Three Strong Women in the Obammy Administration that nagged him into taking the action that he did. News reports first disclosed in the New York Times said that Ms. Samantha Power, White House aide and anti-genocide advocate, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton helped overrule reluctant defense and military leaders in persuading Mr. Obama to launch military operations against Col. Gadhafi’s forces under the guise of protecting civilians from those forces.

    Syndicated columnist George Will had the right idea. When he was asked by ABC’s This Week host Christiane Amanpour if he believed Obama’s bombing of Libya was the “right thing to do,” Will replied: “I do not. We have intervened in a tribal society, in a civil war. And we have taken sides in that civil war on behalf of a people we do not know or understand, for the purpose—not a vow, but inexorably our purpose—of creating a political vacuum by decapitating the government. Into that vacuum, what will flow we do not know and cannot know.”

    Obama is and always has been a nonentity. But how did a half-term U.S. senator become president of the United States? Yes, his opponent in 2008 was the Republican John McCain. But I place the major blame on the liberal “idealists”–including the media–who were dazzled by the prospect of a black man (actually, a mulatto, though no one seems to notice the fact) rising to the presidency. Obama’s manifest confusion and utter cluelessness inspire dread.

    Get out now.

  14. IIRC PotUS was saying he didn't want to be seen as leading the Op?