Egg Banjos,the key to long living!

Feckin awesome diet!!

A British great-great-grandmother, who held the title of Europe's oldest person, has died just weeks after her 114th birthday.

Florrie Baldwin died peacefully in her sleep at the weekend in her care home.

She became the oldest woman in Britain in 2007 after taking the title from supercentenarian Ada Mason before claiming the moniker of Europe's oldest person last year.

Mrs Baldwin's health had deteriorated in recent weeks. She also suffered from dementia.

Grandson David Worsnop, 64, said today: 'She just closed her eyes and slipped away in her sleep. We are sad but looking back, she had enjoyed an extremely long life, she lived two lives really.

'She was brilliant, a really nice lady. Her determination and strong will kept her going.'

Mrs Baldwin's secret to a long and happy life was said to be a fried egg sandwich every morning.

She had celebrated her 114th birthday on March 31 with an 11th telegram from the Queen.

She is survived by daughter Maisie, 89, grandsons David and Marshall and several great and great-great grandchildren.

Speaking when she became Britain's oldest woman, Florrie, of Leeds, West Yorks., who was born in 1896 during the reign of Queen Victoria, attributed her life span to an estimated 30,000 egg baps.

She said: 'It is wonderful to be the oldest lady in Britain. To be honest I forget how old I am most of the time.

'I always eat an egg sandwich in the morning and have at least one hot meal each day. I think I've had an egg sandwich almost every day since I was married at 23.

'I also do like a glass of sherry now and again.'

Florrie stayed in her own house until she was 105, before taking up residence at Radcliffe Gardens Nursing Home, where she lived for the last nine years.

In 1919 she married painter and decorator Clifford Baldwin and moved to Woodhouse. Later she worked as a wages clerk in an engineering firm until the age of 76.

Clifford Baldwin died in 1973, after which Florrie lived alone until she moved to Radcliffe Gardens.

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