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  1. We all know what an egg banjo is; I want to know why and egg banjo? Almost every other between-bread concoction is called a sarnie so where did banjo come from and why has it stuck? :?
  2. {Wah mode off}

    If you have made the 'snack' perfectly, when you go to take a bite, the egg yolk should run down your front. The action then used by your remaining hand to wipe off said egg yoke is akin to 'playing a banjo'.

    {Wah mode on}

  3. let me paint the picture for you ....

    You have a fried egg between two lovely slices of buttered bread. As you bite in, the yoke breaks as you end up with it all down your front. The natural reaction I have seen time and time again is one hand still wrapped around the bread and egg combo, which by now has been pulled away from the scene, the other is briskly wiping away the eggy mess .... Much like playing a banjo ....

    There we have the origins of 'egg banjo'

    Not sure if its true etc, but makes perfect sense to me !!!!
  4. Thank you, m'lud and Marko it's a good start... :)
  5. What about Baby's heads & Cheese Possessed in the old ration boxes, before MRE's (Meals Rejected by Ethiopions).

    Nothing in my opinion tasted better than an Egg Banjo with Cheese possessed first thing in the morning, and the most importatnt thing that made it taste better was that your hands had to be covered in OMD 80 which left hand prints on the bread. Wheres the frying pan.
  6. Now Babies Heads is self explanatory!
    How about nuts & raisins in the old one man one day ration packs? I once had a packet dated 1917. 8O
  7. What nonsense. Peanuts weren't invented until the sixties.... :wink:
  8. Egg banjos are made out of "Eggs Dangerous 1A" item code number ???????
  9. Some of the explanations are cracking and the subject should now be laid to rest.
  10. Still a great fortifier of the over forties, forty years on, fank feck.

    Even my old dogs love 'em.
  11. Wasn't this a topic on an earlier thread some years ago? I always thought the term originated in India 'egg bhaji' served up by char-wallahs to troops who changed the word to 'banjo'.
    I remember our regimental char-wallah in FARELF ..."Dui eck Bhaji sahib -- teen rupee ....errr dollar."