Egg banjo etiquette and coffee too

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by wheelchairwarrier, Jul 6, 2008.

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  1. This morning I was offered an EB , the wholemeal bread was fresh and the yoke solid. My hosts were under the impression I would appreciate such a delicacy after kirk.

    I pointed out the egg banjo is ; made from white bread of indeterminate age , just pre mould stage coated with a margarine type spread the egg itself should have the white firmed but the yoke runny to achieve the banjo part of the snack.

    “but wont the yoke run down ones uniform? “ asked mine host . I tried to demonstrate.

    And so to the coffee , a fine roast, ohh and that aroma, so why oh why oh why do they put whitener powder ( dried glucose syrup ) and a sweetener in it ?
    What is wrong with unrefined cane sugar and some cream ? (a nip of scotch would have been better)

    Damm heathens

  2. Why were you drinking coffee with a banjo?

    Surely tea is the approved beverage to accompany a banjo, no matter what standard of the bread and consistency of yolk.
  3. Having been brewed in the Water Bottle cup you will surely drink it from
  4. WW you are sending mixed messages in your post, are you are coffee bore or a banjo man, I believe they are entirley incompatible
  5. Having only this very morning sat across the breakfast table from someone who put an entire breakfast in a sandwich (white bread, plastic, fresh from the bag)....surely this cannot be deemed an 'egg banjo'...I believe my companions description of said assembly of fried foodstuff as an EB to be totally erroneous!?

    Call me a purist...but I stand my ground on this one!

    p.s. He is Infantry, is there a by-law that allows such flagrant abuse of 'banjo' law?
  6. It also has to be eaten with hands covered in 90/220/279 and if the beverage is coffee it must have a large drop of bailieys in it!
  7. :twisted: egg must be badly cooked* on dirty frying pan type device with filthy hands (which owner believes clean) using bread not normally consumed in family household ie somewhat stale-ish

    the tea/ coffee debate is down to preference or whats been made in the mug

    rain/miserable weather optional ...........

    * for RLC cook types this means normal standards apply :twisted:
  8. Ah memories of firing camp on Honhe ranges in January!
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

  10. All is clear when I reveal mine host is a ............... civvie


    Ps ,being a gentleman I would have prefered swarfega covered hands to add flavor ( I would prefer to just to have hands at the very least )
  11. Surely tea or coffee is irrelevant if one has a bottle of ale handy, or good boxhead beer.

    Though if not forthcoming, good tea.

    WJP. Baileys? You must be a Corpsman.
  12. Why that I'am, for it was all very civilised on my 434 or 512.

    Or were you thinking of another corps other than the one that the man upstairs favours :twisted:
  13. Niether coffe or tea is accetable. A good EB needs to be washed down with a metel mug of cofftea, idealy from a Norgy that hasn't been cleaned properly and so still tastes of range stew.

    C-t-H, the whole breakfast in a bun is an EB delux, and your just upset that you didn't think of it first.
  14. My apologies for doubting the gastronomic delights of the breakfast sandwich, us medics are obviously more refined!

    ....although for someone who hasn't apparently had sex in 6 months I doubt your sanity at present Sir!...that would have made more sense had you not just changed your signature block!

    why the big pause?
  15. What is it with that? Even if they have washed their hands it just shows up the interesting number of skin diseases they have. What happens to people when they become slop-jockies? Is the course run at the germ warfair part of Porton Down or something? I'd rather have the danm thin come with 220 then leprasy.

    As for C-t-H, learn your Scrubs quotes women.