Discussion in 'REME' started by the_mentalist, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. After a recent Blank firing exercise, approximatly 20% of the weapons used had the gas plug and cylinder siezed together. The weapons were correctly cleaned and oiled at every oppertunity, the correct rates of fire were observed and the BFA's were correctly fitted. The weapons fired approximatly 1500 rounds each by the time the failure occured.

    I was wondering if this is a common occurence and if so, has anyone submitted an EFR?

    This is of course the super L85A2 which can be burried in sand and fired for ever!
  2. why dont you send one, if you think it will help
  3. I am on the case, just wondeing how common a problem this is? Interested to hear from any armourers on this subject.
  4. Of course they were :roll: did you do it all yourself....? Or just take the word of the lads/girls 'oiled it and ready to go, thought it might be best to square it away rather than go for that dump i have been dying for...'etc.
  5. Yes your right, the weapons could not have been cleaned properly, because it was tradesmen using them (who should know better).

    During any breaks ie. lunch etc, the lads at least wen through the motions of battle cleaning the gas effected parts and pulling through the barrels, at the end of each day the weapons were cleaned then inspected by the DS.

    There is only so much you can do in the way of supervision!

    At the end of the day, does everyone carry out a full first parade when picking up a vehicle and last parade it prior to handing it back....I thnk not!

    And on a final piont, its a sadstate of affairs if our super weapon can only fire 1500 rds before its knackered!

  6. This is not a problem I've heard of previously. I would put in an EFR, as it shouldn't happen.

    Be aware though that blank firing generally causes more carbon build up than live firing, so perhaps the recommended cleaning of gas parts after 800 rds should be adjusted if blanks are used.

    If it happens again, stick a load of oil over the seized parts and leave for 1/2 hour, you should find the components will separate.

    I found that leaving oil on the gas parts prior to firing helped cleaning, worth the small amount of smoke generated from the first couple of rounds - I'm not a sniper so it wasn't a drama.
  7. It didnt though did it? It fired 1500 blanks which is different.
  8. just done an ex with very similar results about 35 % having the same problem did fire a few more blanks though maybe 2500 ish
    am a A mech though was on course all probs duly reported though
  9. Mate? Could you do my ex with the L85A2? I'd be ever so grateful and may get to keep half my gratuity!
  10. If you did an ex with 2500 rounds, she must have been running v fast, or you're a sh1t shot :)

    edited because it won't let me write s h i t
  11. Who has 2500 blanks per rifle????

    F*** Me that seems alot
  12. If everything is as you say and the weapon is fine, the drills are fine then there maybe a problem with the ammunition and you should report it as an ammo incident.
  13. 1500 rds or 2500rds is a feck off a lot of round to fire through one rifle in one day or between cleaning. Remember look after your equipment before you look after your self. The A2 is an outstanding bit of kit. I heard of some epic battles in Iraq where the CSM was running between vehicles with Ammo Replens and so on and never did an individual fire even close to 1500rds in a fire fight. Perhaps the whole platoon might have fired that or double that in a particularly hot contact. I suggest people throw a large dose of reality at what they expect the rifle to achieve.

  14. In my day you only got 5 rnds, then you would have to give them back at the end ex, only blank i ever got to fife was a nd!!!!