I work in Tri-Service Place and therefore have RAF Ed Offr.
I am having problems getting on an EFP2, basically, this Crab says that I need a signal from my MCM to say that I will be promoted on the next board before applying for my EFP (which of course is not possible).  I say to Crab, "but I need EFP2 to get on Board!"

Crab replies - but thats the rules!

Anybody know of some bloke in charge of Education that I can ring or is EFP getting tougher to get on?
I think the crab is talking sh ite which makes it all the more remarkable that you noticed given that they all talk constant sh ite! There is a bog standard army form for applying for EFP 1 and EFP 2 and there is a standard army grading for priority. I cannot recall exactly how the grading worked but if you are a SSgt/Csgt and eligible for promotion then you have a very high priority, bordering on automatic right to attend. Perhaps someone from SPS may be able to advise on the forms. Maybe the RAF bod is confused why you are considering promotion to warrant as you do not have a zimmer and pension book.
Good luck mate



Regardless of the tri-service nature of your location, your local Army regional HQ will still help you.

Each HQ has an ETS element. You need to talk to the SO2 who will be able to help you with regard to slapping your RAF boss about, and guiding you towards an AEC and may even bid on your behalf.

hope this helps.



Your crab has picked up some extraneous bits of info:

If you are to be loaded as a category X candidate, i.e. special case which AECs will load as the first priority, then you do need MCM div signal to do this.

If you are a substantive S/CSgt with recomendation to WO and are merrily bobbing along at about the right speed for your career, you will be a category A i.e. aboout 90% of candidates.

There are two other categories, 'B' for those attending long courses such as GCC or Bandmaster! and 'C' for random special cases, i.e. cheeky bids that stand no chance.

go talk to a schoolie pdq and they will get you sorted. Tell me where you are and i will give you a telephone number.
Simple all you need is the following :

SSgt/CSgt with one CR with recommendation for promotion because thats all I had ?

Good luck if you gets on it let me know as Ive got loads of stuff on computer ?

Happy to send it to ya
Damn fine replies chaps - good to see camaraderie still exists.

I think your right about the zimmer frame bit, as the look on the face was shock when I mentioned WO promotion!

Now I know that the 1 CR and Sub SSgt qualifies (thanks Geoff) me I can start of on my march of justice, thanks.  SSM - why not post soem of you stuff to the ARRSE Downloads - if used by other students it does show initiative!

Certainly - all educational materials will be posted where they can be used for the general good!  Mind you we are running short of server space so if anyone has any spare web space it would be handy?
I have just been told that i need to do my EFP and i have my threshold test in nov.

Is the threshold test hard or easy and what does it consist off. ??? ???

If anyone has anything on disk that you think might be of use please e-mail me.
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Newts, my dear chap (or whatever)-whizz down to your nearest Education Centre, tap hte ever friendly ETS gezzas for a brew and they will tell you all about the threshold test, give you the workbooks and arrange tuition in any areas you are not up to ramming speed on-trust me the system works
Do I need to get my youngsters on the TT if the CLM is coming in?



Depends-if the DS on your EFP are the ruggedly hansome sort then it would be perfectly natural to admire them-should you be more into the Britney look then you are at the wrong centre my dear boy


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Is that not refering to blanket stackers in general never mind ex int corps types with desk jobs.  Bl**dy army photographers.
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