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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by foodie, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. I have a European Firearms permit for a trip to cyprus next month and I have my Silver Pigeon on it currently but if I buy another gun can it be put on my EFP at the same time as my SGC by the RFD? Or would I need to send it back to the Firearms Department for them to amend it?

    This could be the deciding factor in buying a DT10 Trap!
  2. The only people who can amend, add etc to an EFP is the firearms licensing dept of the relevant country.
  3. bugger, if thats the case I may not be getting the new gun! Won't get it turned round in time!
  4. Ring them up and see if they'll add it and you pick up the next day or so? Explain that you want the gun for 'x' xompetition and need it on your EFP. Make sure they know you've acquired the shot gun in the first place and bring along your cert and bill of sale. Worth a try imo.
  5. Its a fecking long detour to Devizes where the local plod are!

    Strange thing is that my EFP has the gun details handwritten on it! I thought it would have been printed!
  6. They are all handwritten. The print system is the same as you used to get with the old Halfax/Post Office type books and no police to my knowledge have got the money to get one for the small amount they do.

    It's in the list of changes with the HO to change the layout to a permit sheet type. However, that means all of the EU changing from a pass book to a permit style. Can't see it myself. Wiltshire? Most of their FEO's are quite squaddie friendly imx.
  7. I've done something very similar - our local licensing mob have always been good, regardless of how many times they've been reorganised in the past two decades (licensing done by Force HQ, pushed out to Divisional level, using Constables or civilian support staff...).

    Called them, explained the situation, they asked if I could drop off the license by hand, it was modified, I went back and picked it up. Two day turnaround, IIRC.

    Of course, it's always worth verifying what the requirements are at the far end. I've always had an EFP, and while it was fine for Germany, the Italians needed another set of paperwork filled in on arrival, and the Isle of Man seems to need a local FAC applied for in advance (there's an ISSF competition there every Easter).
  8. Mine isn't.
  9. Hampshire have a printing machine that do EFP's? Fair one, just wasn't aware anyone had invested money in a machine that printed EFP's. Every day's a school day.
  10. Nor is mine.

  11. Just learnt Hampshire and presumably others, still have a typewriter for EFP's.
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    How quaint, is the problem buying the gun and taking it with you or buying it there?
  13. No buying the gun here but its a short turnaround beofre going to cyprus.

    What I thought was that as its pretty much the same as a SGC the RFD could fill it in with all the releavent details and then I notify the licensing in the same manner.
  14. The RFD can't put the Authority's stamp and Chief Officers signature at Part 3 or the Authority's stamp at Part 4.
  15. To YOU it might look like a shotgun certificate, but to me it looks like an EFP, NOT a permission from your county chief Constable to acquire/purchase a shotgun.

    The document simply authorises you to travel in the named countries of the EU with your UK-licenced firearm, not to buy one anywhere you like and crayon it on the EFP.

    Just have a look at the document again - it it a Europeans Firearms PASS/PERMIT, and lists the firearms that you already possess that are being permitted to travel around with you - not a licence to buy.