Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by jpneathey, Dec 17, 2003.

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  1. Can someone please whether the EFP1 is the equivalent of a civvy level 3 qualification, because i need to know which OU course to go for. I had a look at the OU site and the level 3 management course sounds a lot like what we did on the EFP. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Take it from me - I have done a number of level 3 OU courses and they are NOTHING like any course in the military, level 3 equates to study at honours degree level. Try a level 1 course if you are starting out on a degree or even a diploma, particularly if you haven't studied for some time. EFP counts for nothing with the OU I'm afraid. Need any more info - your local education centre will help.
  3. Level 3 qualifications are A levels or their equivalent.

    EFP 1 does not in itself equate to L3 quals, however the civilian qualification that are attached to EFP1 do.

    If you did the NVQ Level 3 or the NEBS Management awards then you have some L3 qualifications.

    Even if you did not get them at the time, you can do so retrospectively.

    Your way forward is this.

    Find out from the OU how much credit you can get for the civvy qualifications that are linked to EFP1.

    Call/visit your local AEC and find out what you are eligible for and how much work is involved.

    Compare the work involved to get the EFP linked quals with the amount of work the OU would make you do without them, as well as the relative costs, and you have your answer.
  4. Many thanks, I will contact my AEC first.
  5. Boyblue,

    What you say is partially correct and the rest of it is a load of arrse.

    Have a look here:


    where it states :

    So according to you, the 'civvy' quals attached to EFP1 are above A-level, Scottish Highers and Sixth Year Studies, ONC, Abitur, Baccalaureat or the equivalent- sadly you are way off the mark. NVQ 3 and OU level 3 are two completely separate levels. The only similarity is that it has the figure 3 in it.

    Level 3 OU courses? Well, here's what the OU says about the levels 1 -3:

    I have completed an honours degree with the OU, - you? I somehow doubt it very much.


    Don't be put off by what I have said, just get some proper advice from your local AEC before you commit yourself to any courses with the OU, you might commit to something you might not enjoy. Credit transfer with the OU is difficult at the best of times, but the bottom line is they will only take credit trasfer from above A level standard (basically undergraduate study) and EFP 1is just not at that level. As for NVQ, well is does stand for Not Very Qualified. - does that answer your question?
  6. LOL thanks guys, I think I need to speak to the AEC ASAP, please don't start battling over this one!!!
  7. Oracle,

    My, you do go off the deep end don't you? Why so personal?

    Before you do so again I suggest you read my post a bit more carefully.

    As you say, there is a difference between a national Level 3 qualification, which are EQUIVALENT to A levels etc, and the OU's in-house terminology for an OU Level 3 qualification.

    Given the effort that you have put into detailing your broadside I am surprised that you did not take the same approach to the initial post.

    jpneathey asked
    I am correct regarding the status of the qualifications linked to EFP 1, should jpneathy complete them, and their status as NATIONAL L3 quals.

    You are right in that the OU are unlikely to give them any credit towards a degree cse.

    And I have both Batchelors and Masters degrees - not that it is of any relevance to your arguement.