EFI pogs on E-BAY!! Whats all that about??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by MAD_FERRET, Nov 5, 2007.

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  1. Shall we see who can get the most websters question about these displayed under the listing? one way of passing time on a monday afternooon l suppose...
  2. "Hi,

    Do any of them have the SAS on them, and can they be used in England?"

  3. The response:

    "I think they are only for service personel in Iraq and Afghanistan. I hae none with the SAS on however i do have one with elements of 3 commando brigades recce force"
  4. somebody ask if he has the "slammer" as well. Are these pogs to official thickness (2.5mm) or purely "asthetic" pogs? Do you have the official pog documentation to enter these pogs into competitions?
  5. lve asked if these are copies or genuine, and wether they come with a certificate of authenticity
  6. Saw an advert on ebay the other month. Twenty 25c POGS were going for over $45! Crazy.
  7. l gave about 20 dollars worth away as well.... those on the next telic could set up a right little business l reckon...

    framed pogs, signed by soldiers, complete with COA

    the list is endless!!
  8. erm... sorry to sound a tad unkowing.. wtf's a pog?
  9. wah?

    if not click on the link...

    but too be honest l was about to smash the efi up when l first gave $$$ of real currency, only to be given these as change...

    thought it was a 'new in theatre' wind up
  10. I even thought about bringing all mine back too, bummer.
  11. Hello MAD_FERRET,

    perhaps they could be auctioned for the benefit of forces charities?

  12. something to bear in mind for the next lot then yes l agree...

    still not entirely sure why anyone would want them...

    what next?

    used paradigm cards??!!!
  13. christ maybe I should put my old paybook up for auction when you had to use them to get money in the FI or Belize -- FFS - mind you lads is was a while ago :D

    Do they still have them :?
  14. did the paybooks work ok??

    if so can we have them back and kick JPA into touch??!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.