EFI....NAAFI, whatever its called on Ops, is it worth it???

Discussion in 'RLC' started by CH512O, Aug 21, 2013.

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  1. Whatever the deployed shop thing is called im ranting because of the dire standards of the whole business.
    Having done both Bastion last year and now KAF, both are piss poor comparisons to other countries efforts. Of course the PX is really in a different league and im sure the US Mil go some way to funding it, if not then really there is no excuse for the EFI. But even minor league players in Afghanistan have better outlets and what they sell than the EFI. **** me, the Boardwalk does better!
    I dont see how 23 shelves of Pringles (usually 2 flavours), Ron Hill (thought they went bust) running shorts for $23 or the worlds supply of padded A4 envelopes but no normal sized ones are a suitable excuse for a shop.
    Admittedly the pseudo Costa thats usually attached next door is a better attempt but thats about it.
    And the excuse "well we are winding down" doesnt really apply as its been like this for years.
    Anyway.....im off the pseudo Costa for a brew and meet other stupidly rich ex mil contractors!
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  2. After a full career in the army you've only now realised how shit the NAAFI is?
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  3. Mate, there`s no stock left on the shelves coz me and my mates have been in all day and bought just about everything!
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  4. I see your EFI and raise you the Combined Services Entertainment dance troop

    How do'you like them apples ;)
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  5. Is that what The Regiment are calling themselves this week?
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  6. They still scared the **** out of me...

    A drug-fueld 'Apocalypse Now' type entertainment show it wasn't.

    Even the not-entirely-minging dancers looked like females versions of Rod Hull for fucks sake :(
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  7. Just console yourself thinking of those who spent/spend their tours in FOBs and PBs (not me I might add!) - who would dream of a shop where they could buy Pringles 'n' stuff...:)
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  8. Camilla was there?
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  9. Glad to see you're busy.....
  10. The EFI are in some FOBs. SQT for one, so anything there is better than nothing but just seems they could do better elsewhere.
  11. The joy of the EFI at Shibetha, was certainly something to look forward to. Summer tour and their shelves were stocked with softi jackets and radox bath salts. The jinglies always seemed to have a better selection of tat that was worth spending a few shekels on
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  12. EFI/NAAFI didn't have the best rep, certainly Mossbank Bks in the early 90s, Bordon mid 90s and other assorted REME postings were pitiful. Having said that, although they would never have sold the hardcore porn found in Dragan's Stall in Vitez ca.1995, they were getting better.

    It all depends if you constantly compare them to the US. The Danes spend correspondingly more than us, but then they don't provide (iffy) pizza and garlic bread to wankered squaddies in the Falklands at midnight. Not the best, not the worst (I'm looking at you Norway. Ringes beer? **** beer, more like.)
  13. Legally all employers have to employ a small percentage of retards and fuckwits, EFI is the perfect solution.

    Shame it's the fuckwits that still order Ronhills and one flavour of Pringles...

    Never as bad as the EFI wine...
  14. Do the thieving bastards give you change in real money yet or is it still those little pogs that they won't accept back again half the time?
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  15. In basic economics, it's called "a captive market"...
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