EFI Banja Luka

The EFI in Banja Luka has become terrible over the last two months. It has never really be great but this is pathetic. It seems they are trying to sell a load of board games. It seems that all priority is given to the EFI in Sarajevo where there are not as many British soldiers.

The 'restaurant' (Tommy Tuckers) again has never been brilliant, but I walked in there a few weeks ago and all they had in the fridge to drink was Lucozade.

I appreciate that the camp is closing and the NAFFI probably are not interested in it, but whilst a NAFFI establishment is open should they not have some sort of standards maintained? Or are standards that low with the NAFFI that they can only provide one drink?
The PRI officer needs his ass kicked. In my time it was his job to coordinate with the NAAFI. Perhaps nobody has the responsiblity if BL is that far down toward shutting.

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