Efficiency Medal/Decoration and VRSM

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by putteesinmyhands, Jul 16, 2013.

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  1. I've spotted what I think is an anomaly (potentially a very embarrassing one for someone) but I want to check my facts before I go into further detail.

    My understanding with regard to the award of the VRSM to a holder of the Efficiency Medal/Decoration is that 10 years service has to accrue from the date of the award of the Efficiency Medal/Decoration or the latest clasp. Certainly, that was what was applied in my case.

    Is that correct? Or can the VRSM be awarded after a lesser number of years?
  2. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Clasps are 5 years.
  3. The Efficiency Medal clasp was for an additional 6 years, but that wasn't the question.

    As it turns out, I've found the answer and it was something that I knew about all along but it didn't click.

    The answer is that you can get a VRSM 4 years after you get a clasp for the Efficiency Medal/Decoration - if you return the clasp.
  4. You can also get it quicker if you have regular service that didn't count towards an LS&GC
  5. I think you missed the bit about the VRSM following an Efficiency Medal.
  6. No I didn't hence the word also in there :)
  7. OK, so you do 13 years in the TA (to get your 12 full years of service to get the Efficiency Medal, go Regular for four years - where that counts as only two years toward the VRSM and then you've got 8+ years to do. That's 12 years between medals instead of 10.

    You can't bluff a bluffer - and I worked for a consultancy. :)
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  8. Anyway, I was this (<---------->) far from outing the Deputy Commander Land Forces (Reserves) as a Walt.

    His bio reads:

    Joined 86
    TD 99
    Clasp to TD 2005
    VRSM 2010

    ...which as we all know, doesn't add up.

    Fortunately, I found a pic of his ribbons - without the clasp.

    Now the debate begins as to whether he should include the clasp on his bio. Yes, he was indeed awarded it in 2005 but he seems to have traded it in for 6 years off the VRSM.
  9. And if he did why the year of discrpeancy as his 10 years for VRSM would be 2009, not 2010....
  10. I think that would have been what is known as "bold".
  11. Very few join on 1 April, the start of the training year. Though there are times when it feels as though we did.

    So, 10 full training years, therefore awarded in the 13th year of service - or later. Sometimes much later...
  12. Ah yes, but as he already had the Efficiency, then the 'traing year' factor should have been removed - and infact looking at dates, appears to have done.
    I assume it is a medal office fail. As usual.
  13. Heh. "Efficiency".
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  14. I joined in 73 and was comissioned in 77. TD in 87, clasp in 93, clasp in 99 and in 2003 returned 1 clasp and was given the peoples medal (mobilised service must have counted double). I had to send the clasp back to the medals office. Since had another two clasps in 08 and 13.

    Puttees you must be very similar as you joined two years after me.

    None of the above was for efficiency but was for training and retention.
  15. Aren't they talking about bringing back post nominals under A2020?