Efficiency Decoration - Post Nominals?

Discussion in 'Medals' started by stagon, Jul 15, 2011.

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  1. Following a few too many Dame Ednas I was awoken recently by a knock on the door. Resplendent in my Garfield slippers and spiderman PJs and stinking of the night before I opened the door to be presented the Efficiency Decoration Territorial 82 by my Polish Postie. As you can imagine I was brimming with pride at this auspicious occasion and the manner in which it was presented. I will treasure the jiffy bag in which it was delivered for ever and will no doubt be something to show the grandchildren. A quick question- I was an Officer, so does this entitle me to the post-Nominals TD?
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  2. Yes, I believe so if it is the same decoration my old man has then you are entitled to TD
  3. Fascinating as all this is, I have an idea that the Territorial Decoration in the period in which the OP served actually is - strictly speaking - the Efficiency Decoration, but for officers continued to be referred to as the Territorial Decoration with the postnominals TD. See that infallible authority, ARRSEpedia.
  4. My old man has an MBE. I've never seen him use it anywhere, on anything.

    You'd have to be a sad **** to use TD after your name.
  5. Indeed. Though the OP, if he received the TD would be entitled to use the post noms 'TD'. The ED is a totally different medal because of the qualifying criteria.
  6. Indeed. Anyone with an ED but using TD post noms would be an Older & Bolder Walt.
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I've got the ED/TD, and very bling it is too - I've not put it on my business card though :) So, yes you can indeed use TD after your name. Whether or not you want to is of course another matter, although it's sometimes worth it to upset some Regular Officers. It's also worth checking in the London Gazette (online, and free) and see when it was awarded to you.

    Just a shame that it got changed from the Volunteer Decoration all those ears ago, as that sounded a lot better.
  8. People will just assume that you're a Turbo Diesel
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  9. The only people I see use post nominals routinely are RAF officers - everything from their 25 mtr swim badge to the random degree they got at university. I've a fair few but would be mortified to use them willy (snigger) nilly....
  10. It sounds as if what you have is what is properly called the ED, whose holders can, for convoluted historical reasons, quite properly use the post nominals TD...

    It's all on the interweb... (somewhere)