Effects of MMC?

Just wondering how MMC will affect military medicine?
As far as I can tell F1/F2 will be in MDHU - what happens after that when we become so called specialty trainees? Will there be a gap before that for general duties or deployments etc?
Also you used to have to convert your commission before starting as a Registrar- how will that work with runthrough training.
Does anyone understand MMC?! (answer would be no if my university is anything to go by)


Are you already a Medical Cadet? If so join Doctors.net.uk, and the DMS Docs section. There's some useful info from on high about this on there.
Ditto the above.

Plus, if you are a cadet already, then the Briefing Day should be an opportunity for questions! I doubt you are alone with these worries (in fact, I know you're not!).
Not a medical cadet- been in the local TA Field Hospital for about 2months now. Wondering whether going regular when I graduate might be a better way to do things. I'll have to email the doctors.net ones - I've a feeling the DMS board is a closed forum.
Fair enough.
The system is largely as it is now - F1/2, EOC/Gdmo, enter either GPVT or ST according to preference/vacancies. Things quite fraught this year, especially in hospital medicine, as there are a number of potential entry points to ST (1,2,3 etc) and a lot of uncertainty. Hopefully these issues will be ironed out by the time they bother me!
There is some feeling that the end result will closely resemble what we have now, with new names. NHS all over really.
Most specialties will have a de facto hurdle to get into ST3 (old SpR) and so this will in all likelihood be the MC point.
There are always pros and cons, but my personal view is that I'd rather be on the military side of the fence as the NHS careers towards the abyss...!
Yes, forum is closed. Presumably some docs attached to your fd hosp that could help?

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