Effects of funding cuts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Jun 1, 2010.

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  1. Given that all politicians promised the defence spending would be "ringfenced" it is interesting to note that already we are suffering from a lack of funding, which I assume will be maintained at the reduced level. Consequently we will feel the real effects of "sorry son no cash for that" as Defence Resources start to realise that we must make real cuts in routine training, travel and overseas exercise budgets. Certainly the case here where the need to cut and cut again is coming to the fore. Most recently pre-dep training has been rescheduled (another way of saying cut) and what is happening is being done asking other participating units to pay their own costs. Is it me or is this not really another way of actually cutting ( and not ringfencing) Defence Spending?
  2. Sorry I don't recall any of the main parties pre-election promising anything of the kind. In fact I distinctly remembering the Lib Dems and tories saying savings would have to be made and pushing for a strategic defence review, which seems to have disappeared off the radar.
  3. I think they promised a defence review but at the same time indicated their support of all current spending. OK it is twisted, but that's politicians?
  4. No more money and we cant afford what we are trying to do with the present budget.

    So, standby for a reduction in the regular army to about 82,000 with capability we're not using at present (e.g. CR2, AS90, AD) but would like to keep moved to the TA.

    We can no longer deploy 2 divisions so why do we still have 2 div HQs?

    Lots of stuff being looked at - there's going to be some pain.
  5. I thought we still had 4 Div HQs plus Land, plus PJHQ and soon ARRC will be based in UK, Perhaps we can form a platoon of all Starred Officers!
  6. None of the parties stated that defence would be 'ringfenced'. However, the Coalition stated that Defence would be excluded from cutbacks until the SDR had been published later this year.

    As Sandy boots states, there will be an awful lot of pain when the SDR is published and nothing (with the possible exception of the strategic deterrent if the Tories get their way) will be sacrosanct.

  7. But I think that the real effets are already being felt with OTC / MTDs and things like funding of Medical Training for Trainee mil Doctors being cut now.
  8. The problem is how do we project ourselves as a nation on a piss poor budget? Cuts I feel will fall to the wrong areas, we either accept the fact that we are a bit part player due to small numbers and can not afford it.

    Or we fund the armed forces correctly and remain a major player on the worlds stage, it is IMO that cut and dry, just a huge decision to make!
  9. The cuts are coming; be it in real terms budget cuts or in the form of a demand for more value for money. The frustrating part is that you can almost guarantee that it will not be in the right places…e.g. poorly negotiated catering contracts, excessive civilian administrators to deal with the mountain of unnecessary paperwork, huge utility bills for faulty heating systems that can not be turned off – even in the summer! The list is endless.

    We will see it as cuts in manpower, training and in all those little things that make being in the army just a little bit more special than a lot of civvy jobs.

    Sadly the MOD is as much a political pawn as the rest of the governmental departments and mass redundancies of civilian staff don’t go down to well with the voters…
  10. It is the scale of these cuts too, although if we stop all Flying Training for 2 weeks and sack 15% of Offrs over the ranl of Majorwe might just manage it without too much effort
  11. That is VERY small beer compared to some of the capabilities completely lost and risks currently being taken.

    :? Err...what pray tell is that meant to achieve?!!!

    Do you have ANY idea of how much money is needed to sort out the current funding shortfall?

    The sad thing is, I actually do not think we are underfunded right now. We're just not allowed to spend it in the correct places or do so in an incoherent manner.

    Sadly, that is now forcing what will be huge cuts in Defence funding which will ensure that we become underfunded.

    If you want to make real savings, sort out DE&S. It never ceases to amaze me how many people (uniformed and non-uniformed) within that out fit who manage to waste so much money, for so many, for such little result.

  12. I agree with you the scale is enourmous and will require something really quite scary to achieve. Sadly I am not sure that getting rid of DE&S would have the effect required. Perhaps we should look at how much is needed to be raised and then selling off unused real estate for development.
  13. I never said we should dispense with DE&S; clearly we need some sort of procurement agency. However, it sure as hell needs a shake up and its personnel reminded that they work for UK Defence, not industry.

    Sadly, much Defence real estate requires the MoD to return it to its original state prior to disposal. Given that much was purchased as farmland over the last century, the cost of meeting modern environmental laws to ensure POL and other hazardous material is removed would ensure that any savings would be negligible.

    Moreover, the Services are pretty much prevented from closing certain bases because of the impact on local economies and/or (more to the point) votes.

  14. Well Lyneham comes to mind.