Effects Of Artillery Fire (MOD Movie 1979)

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by diverre, Feb 9, 2008.

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  1. Fantastic Hollywood should take some tips from it, I could almost smell the cordite and still twitched slightly to the words "fire mission bty over"
  2. Lmao, thanks for that mate, even though i was on the Op for the film it's the first time i have ever seen the whole thing, it brought a lot of good memories back.. :D
  3. Excellent! I've had my ration of Charlie Gs, puttees, SLRs & Mk.III skid lids in one hit......liked the cas sim on the "dead" Russian with the rubber eye.....would make any FAI proud. Got any more like this? :)
  4. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    bloody fantastic, "through sir" :lol:
  5. Plant, Roads and Airfields? Don't tell me you can get your hands on "shake hands with danger"??? :?:
  6. Outstanding thank you, that brought back memories.
  7. That was quality, brought back loads of memories..... "DF" ing on Zabels and Winklers, digging in on the Red areas etc........
  8. I have a copy of SHWD which I acquired a few years ago. You can also see it on Youtube & spike if the link works below, quality - best training vid ever, damn Greenhorns :D


  9. You're a star ZXR-BIRD, I'm watching it on YouTube now...
  10. Bl00dy Hell that brought back memories! I feel strangely aroused :twisted:

    Cool as cucumber FOO - " Fire Mision - FPF".
  11. Yep, FPF was always rumoured to be a short cut to an MC - if you survived!

    Does anyone remmember that classic of the genre on Reserve Demolitions? Some spetznaz forgman gets an SLR bayonet in CQ hand-to-hand. I think a VW beetle gets hoyed off the bridge too...I have to say I remembered the form for RBD though, which was lucky because it was part of a TEWT on my Lt to Capt...
  12. Couldn't resist watching it all the way through...nice to see the M107s! Did anyone else notice the OPA adding description of target, after the FOO gave the warning order elements? Quality!
  13. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    What was more scary - amongst the nostalgia of seeing the Charley G, and SLRs and GPMGs with wooden butts, were the CVR(T) and 432s..... that we are still using!
  14. What is even scarier is what the Septics did with the 175mm WP rounds - they emptied them and turned them into Phosphoric Acid - and sold it to Coca Cola :D

    Fecking Smart Arrse Bombardiers as well 8)